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Finding Meaning in the Boxing Ring of Life

Meaning is not a Recompense of Karmic Success. Meaning, like Life, is a Gift.

The Devastating Insult of Truth

The Revolutionary Learning (and Unlearning) of the Gospel

The Gift of Being Like Everyone Else

“What We Have in Common with Others Comprises What is Most Cherishable in Ourselves.”

Halloween: A Recess for the Buffered Self

On Re-Learning to Live as “Porous Selves”

10 Cryptids That Go Bump In The Night, from Ian Olson & Blake Collier

Wendigo, Mothman, the Gurning Man of Glasgow, and more!

QAnon, Faith, and Skepticism

To State the Problem in the Form of a Question, What’s the Right Point on the Credulity-Skepticism Spectrum?

“Christianity and Morality: A Story of an Uneasy Relationship”

A phenomenal lecture from Giles Fraser on impossible morality, Augustine, our crisis of capacity, and the free grace of God to losers.

Our Unwelcome Infinite Summer: David Foster Wallace and Martin Luther on Desire and Discontent

“The burning doesn’t go away? … What fire dies when you feed it?”

Iris Murdoch and the Freedom of Attention

On Learning Obedience to the Loving Gaze

How to Save a Life: William James’ Tips for Surviving Depression

The Will to Believe in the Vibrancy of Life

Bottoming Out on Prediction Addiction

The Illusion of Control: It Could be This Way Or That Way

The God on the Cross: How Christianity Rigged the System

Nietzsche on Dishonest Christians and the ‘Offense’ of the Crucifixion