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Writing is too easy for us narcissists. There is the delusion that others care, and worse, care about you—unless none of it is about you, because all of life has been given to you. Being more than three-score years old, husband, father, architect, football player, coach and one of those the dreaded “cradle” Episcopalians, what I offer is fraught with the impossibilities of living up to those gifts. So I write about what is irreconcilable other than through God’s love and grace that passes all understanding. And I steal really good phrases. Often.

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    Can Zoom Be Sacred? The Architecture of God

    We are in an unholy mess. Each day reveals more disease, more anger, more flaws in our culture than anyone could have anticipated a year ago. This season’s inscrutable fears are uniquely human. In the past, we would come together, comfort and strengthen each other, in communities, in families, in churches. But part of our […]

    On the Cusp of Humility

    If you are feeling fully outraged, you are full of yourself. If you are deeply hurt, you are a victim. If you are loudly righteous, you are with a greater good — and you just know it. We are, mostly, hanging ten on the surfboards of our egos. Where is the humility in all of […]

    Beholding the Lilies of the Field

    No, the above flower is not a lily. But it is a rescue flower. Bought for $5 from the back shed of a garden store, just prior to being put in the mulch pile, a few months ago, this fairly dead hanging plant was at the right price. And after a summer of MiracleGro feeding […]

    No Sense: Love Across the Political Divide

    Life is not politics. That has not been so obvious in these months. Everything is qualified (or disqualified) by whether you want the President to be our president or not. There is less and less tolerance, more and more nullification of any validity of any credibility depending on what you believe is best for our […]

    Smack In The Middle Of “Ordinary Time,” With You

    Humans make things. If not, as an architect, I would be out of a job. We make the calendar. And mashed potatoes. And religious rites. I love mashed potatoes, and the Episcopal Church. And we all use a calendar others have made for us. The making of a calendar for the Episcopal Church means that […]

    No, Not That Cancel Culture

    It is virtually a cliché to moan that this COVID-19 Season has been a diseased bull in our composed china closet. How many long-planned things have been cancelled? Or ambiguously “delayed”? The extreme cost and insane focus of 21st-century weddings — cancelled. Graduations and all the attendant celebrations — cybered. Occupations and economic certainty — […]

    Masked Morality

    The yarmulke, the burka, the hijab, the grey flannel suit, and the pork pie hat are all governed by cultural sanction and personal projections of belief. All are inwardly meaningful and outwardly expressive of that meaning; what we wear is far more than mere personal preferences for comfort or functionality. Undeniable sartorially manifested morality, messaged […]

    Justification, Work, and Me: A Parable of River Jack Stones

    Lessons from forced Sequestration

    God Never Left, We Just Didn’t Know He Was There

    Reckless Collegiate Escapades and a Relentless God

    Lean On Me

    Reflections on a Caring Companion in a Lonely Childhood

    At Sea

    Blaming the Captain in the Raging Storm

    I Am Fat, And I Eat Ice Cream

    Human Difference and Human Oneness