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When Weakness Is What Saves You

The vaccine rollout has been far from perfect, but its ideals are, well, Christian.

Life Outside the Camp: Cancellation, Purity, and Public Space

The Goal of Cancellations is Not so Much to Target Unpopular People, as to Maintain a Shared Space Free of Contaminants.

There Are No Wolves on Wall Street: On Slowly Losing Ourselves

We Muddle into our Personal and Collective Messes a Little Bit at a Time.

Broken Bodies: The Consolation of Ash Wednesday

I Felt My Body Betray Me — through Injury or Illness. I was Supposed to be in Control.

The Purpose Driven Job

Why Would You Sacrifice So Much for Your Work? Because It’s Not a Job, It’s a Calling.

The Gospel is Not Self-Care: Overcoming Burnout

A Chaplain Returns From the Brink of Exhaustion in an Unexpected Way

Love Lingers at a Locked Door

A Valentine’s Day Themed Reflection for Those Who Don’t Live in a Fairy Tale.

The Moms are Not Alright

The Struggles of the Working Parents and Moms, in Particular, Have Never Been More in Our Faces

Finding Meaning in the Boxing Ring of Life

Meaning is not a Recompense of Karmic Success. Meaning, like Life, is a Gift.

What Do You Live For?

The Search for Fulfillment in the Limitless Possibilities of Young Adulthood, as Told by Search Party

The Comfort of Not Being Our Own

“If You are What You Do and You Do Poorly, What Then? It’s Over; You’re Wiped Out.”

The Gift of Life: Suffering, Worth, and the Self

We often Intuit that It Isn’t Our Faith but Our Very Selfhood that is Under Assault