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Born and raised in San Antonio, TX, Emily graduated from the University of Texas in 2010, where she majored in English and Education. She currently teaches high school English in Houston, TX, where she resides with her husband John (who serves as Chief of Staff to the Bishop Diocesan of TX), baby Annie, and golden retriever, Scout (named for Scout Finch, her literary favorite).

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    Barbie Bread and Fresh Fruit

    In Our Tears, Jesus is Near

    Still in Diapers at Thirty

    We started potty-training Annie last weekend, and while it was certainly all-encompassing for a few days, it wasn’t as tortuous as the image I had built up in my mind. It began as most parents’ toilet training experiences do. On Saturday morning, we very ceremoniously threw away Annie’s diapers, saying “bye bye” as I bagged […]

    Summer Bucket Lists and Taking a Seat at the Table

    I ended the school year a few days ago by high-fiving my seniors au-revoir at their graduation and have now set about making lists of #allthethings I hope to do with my girls this summer. Enter: the Summer Bucket List. In sharing my ideas with friends and building said list, I was motivated by two […]

    Dirty Pump Parts: A Mama’s Muck and Mire

    I wonder if there will ever again be a time when my sleep cycles extend beyond three hours at a time. Having weathered this newborn season once before with Baby #1, I of course realize that this too (really) shall pass, but I nevertheless lament the lack of a full eight-hour-sleep these days. Each night […]

    On Being Eleven, I Mean Twenty-Eight

    A few months after my daughter was born, I began preparing her and myself for my return to work and her start at daycare. I printed off the twenty-six pages of registration forms for her school, and I sat myself responsibly at our dining room table with my newest Precise v5 black pen (these details […]

    A Mama’s Grace in a Culture of “Do”

    My daughter turned one a few weeks ago, and as is apparently the case whenever I throw a party with cupcakes at my house, I learned something about God’s grace. Amidst making banners and hanging monthly pictures and Amazon Prime-ing multicolor tassels to hang from the mantle, I found myself reflecting both on what it means to […]

    Capon and Cupcakes: My Daughter’s Baptism

    I’m a new mom stuck in a game where no matter how skilled I might be at changing a blowout diaper on the side of the road in a pencil skirt or making a chicken salad without too much mayo for my husband, I lose. An illustration for you: our daughter was baptized a couple […]

    Hot Cheetos and a Little Post-Partum Grace

    I currently live in a cliché. I am four weeks into motherhood, sitting in a nursing bra and a pair of pajama pants from high school that I’ve been wearing since yesterday, and I am fully aware of the fact that my deodorant is falling a little flat at the moment. I haven’t brushed my […]

    Conceiving Advent Differently

    As I stumble through the door of the fourth baby shower or “sprinkle” I have attended in the last two months, wobbling atop a pair of rarely worn pumps, my eyes dart immediately to the buffet. I survey the landscape and breathe a sigh of relief: there are mimosas. And pimento cheese. Praise Jesus. Five […]

    Ubuntu and the Sharpened Pencils: Welcome Back to School

    Over the next several weeks, children will enter new classrooms across the country, sporting shiny sneakers sans skid-marks and carrying freshly sharpened pencils and blank notebook paper. And they are perhaps a bit nervous (or a lot nervous) about unearthing the answer to a question they’ve been wondering for weeks: Who did I get this […]

    Identity, Ass, and the Wrong Context

    Emily Newton on the new phenomenon of social media anonymity, and the teenage quest for a powerful new name.

    Too Great of Expectations? Being Ordinary in a Culture of Extraordinary

    Dickens had it right long before Brené Brown did, but she certainly dusts his ideas off a bit. As an English teacher attempting to ignite within my students’ brains interest in something other than taking selfies, Yik-Yak, or lulu-lemon yoga pants, I find it important to see the value in a text myself before asking my students to […]