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Fasting Through Lent, From Robert Farrar Capon

Supposedly, We’re Saved on the Basis of Grace and Forgiveness, not Merit. What’s the Good of Encouraging Ourselves to Think We Can Pile up a Whole lot of Brownie Points by Fasting?

Without Fear: Life According to Jameson Whiskey

There is no good news in fear. There is no love in fear. In fact, it’s been said that perfect love drives out fear.

Why Baking Bread is an Act of Trust

“To What Shall I Compare the Kingdom of God?”

Grace for the Frozen Food Chef

I Praise God that I Am only a Few Minutes and Microwave Beeps away from Alfredo Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli

David Chang Has Nothing To Be Depressed About

“To Fight This, You Need Help. Medicine, Yes, But People Are Key. You Can’t Do It Alone.”

Pancake Syrup & Justification

If We Examined the Origins of Everything, We’d Find that Everything is Problematic … Eventually.

I Am Fat, And I Eat Ice Cream

Human Difference and Human Oneness

What Is Life with Coffee?

Adam Gopnik on Our Existentialist Relationship to the Morning Jolt

(Not a) Lotta Spam (in the Stores Right Now)

Empty Shelves, Spamily, and Our Savior

Recipes with a Hint of Grace: See You On Sunday, Reviewed

A Word of Grace for Home Cooks

A Full Grown Man & His Sad Jelly Belly

A confession from Matt Magill: I have a complicated relationship with sugar. It’s really the candy that does me in. The guilty verdict on my perpetual adolescence needs no further evidence than my wicked sweet tooth and embarrassing proclivity to indulge it. No matter how often I throw out “Not today Satan!”, I trend towards […]

A Bar Too High and Too Heavy

I may seem like nothing but an already crotchety almost-thirty-something who has resigned himself to the “armchair analysis” stage of athletic participation. And while that holds more than a modicum of truth (a ruptured ACL and chronic back problems will do that), I also contend that the advent of fitness culture is, indeed, religious, and […]