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    The Gift of Being Like Everyone Else

    Following the wisdom of Alan Jacobs’ recent book, perhaps the best way to understand the present moment (whatever that may be) is to read older books. Which is at least a partial explanation for posting this fantastic quote by the atheist philosopher Alain de Botton, from his book Status Anxiety. Published in 2004, this probably […]

    Waiting on the New Thing Coming

    As we plug in all our new hopes for a new year, and wait for them to materialize, here’s Ethan’s timely (ha) essay from the Future Issue. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? (Is 43:19) “Hurry up and wait,” my dad has been known to […]

    PZ’s Podcast: Heinz Agonistes, Reverse Chronology, Hope From Heinz, Little Bit O’ Soul, and Phosphorus

    Episode 314 — Heinz Agonistes How should we think about God when faced with a massive, injuring disappointment? Or rather, how can a person of faith assimilate an experience in which you see not God, but God’s opposite, appearing to win? The question can apply to anyone, on any “side of the aisle.” I have […]

    The Faith That Possesses Nothing (and Everything): Bo Giertz’s Faith Alone

    The late Swedish Lutheran Bishop Bo Giertz has long been an Mbird favorite. Whether it be his novels, sermons, or devotional, he’s been a thoughtful resource over the years for his brilliant expositions on law, gospel, justification by faith. Our friends at 1517 recently published an English translation of his 1943 book, Faith Alone: The […]

    Simply Having a Mockingbird Christmas Time

    To help you celebrate (and/or survive!) this Christmas season, here are some of the Christmas-themed highlights from past years on the site. Lots of Santa Claus content over the years, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that the man who “knows if you’ve been bad or good” isn’t exactly our favorite. The creepy Elf on […]

    Now Available! Mockingbird’s Law and Gospel, in Spanish / Ahora disponible! La Ley y el Evangelio de Mockingbird: La traducción al español

    Early last year, some good news dropped into our inboxes. Mark Friesen, a minister in Peru, was interested in translating our book Law and Gospel into Spanish. We believe the good news is for everybody, but we are, in many ways, limited in our capacity to share it. So what a gift it was to […]

    #GivingTuesday on Mockingbird

    Today, as you likely know, is Giving Tuesday, and we would so love for you to consider Mockingbird in that regard. To make a one-time gift, or sign up for monthly donations (*which includes a complimentary subscription to our print magazine), please visit We need your help to keep this bird in the air! […]

    Advent in the Time of Corona

    Advent is a pretty weird time. While we’re all listening to jingle bells, putting up lights around the house, and buying gifts for everyone, Advent speaks of a crazy-man prophet and the end of the world. Usually the gloom of hellfire feels out of place with the non-stop Mariah Carey we cannot avoid. But this year, the end of the world doesn’t sound all that crazy. Cause, you know … COVID.

    So who’s up for hearing some good news?

    Over the next few weeks, Mockingbird is releasing a series of devotional videos from a variety of contributors to brighten the darkness just a bit. Full of all the joy, insight, warmth, and grace we all need right now, they can be found on our Facebook and Instagram accounts!

    DZ kicked off the series yesterday with his phenomenal sermon, “Can’t Hardly Wait.”

    “Another Advent” by Mischa Willett

    This poem was excerpted from Mischa Willett’s book, The Elegy Beta.

    Come crack the frozen
    branch-ends that’ve had you so long
    penned up as in winter-trap,
    snow-drift, tree-sap.

    Have the whole Earth heave
    and scream at your verdant birth;
    bring in your train the bright green
    lips of leaves, the lengthening day,
    the suggestion of sex, a mess;
    wreck the hard and frostbitten ground
    with your trillion shoots; break through,
    crown, come in like a tooth
    into a world sore, into the ache;

    come save the stupid, drooped
    stems of our hearts before they wilt;
    by the Earth’s cataclysmic tilt,
    Primavera, evergreen hope,
    get here.

    Introducing “Dear Gracie”: The Mockingbird‘s Advice Column

    Where in your life do you need help giving, receiving, or understanding grace?

    In plain English, grace can be understood as a gift with no strings attached. When it arrives, it can be the most powerful surprise in a person’s life. But giving grace to others is harder than it sounds. During our most complicated moments — moments of grief, or a fight with a difficult roommate, or a confrontation with a philandering lover — grace can seem confusing at best. Especially for religious people. Of course we want to be kind, loving, and patient, but truthfully we also want to lay down the law when appropriate.

    In the weeds of life, sometimes we all need a little guidance.

    The Mockingbird is here to help. In our upcoming issue, we will introduce our first advice column featuring readers’ real-life quagmires. Behind the keyboard is Gracie — that is, Sarah Condon — with an opinion or two.

    Send questions, with a pseudonym and general location, to While we can’t promise a response for everything, all emails will be kept confidential. We will only reprint your question, pseudonym, and general location. But no matter your circumstances, the word of Gracie is for everyone.

    PZ’s December Movie Picks, Part One

    Part One of PZ and John Glover’s December movie highlights is here! Set your DVRs or tune into the Turner Classic Movie channel to see these wonderful films with profoundly Christian themes. All times Eastern, and, where possible, streaming alternatives are provided in parenthesis.  December 2nd, 8:00 pm, Jane Eyre (1944) This excellent Hollywood version […]

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