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    Why You Should Spend Whatever You Like Buying Friends and Loved Ones Gifts They Don’t Expect (and Don’t Deserve)

    Why You Should Spend Whatever You Like Buying Friends and Loved Ones Gifts They Don’t Expect (and Don’t Deserve)

    This one comes to us from our friend Jason Micheli. I’ve grown wary of the Christmas “tradition” of bemoaning the commercialization of Christmas in our culture.  Too often, we begin Advent not with Isaiah’s laments or John the Baptist’s words of judgment but our own words of lament and judgment, criticizing others for being so […]

    A Fictional Non-Eulogy on What Faith Really Means, by Robert Farrar Capon

    A Fictional Non-Eulogy on What Faith Really Means, by Robert Farrar Capon

    The following snippet comes from Exit 36: A Fictional Chronicle, by Robert Farrar Capon. Detailing a tumultuous month in the life of a parish priest, this mystical novel disentangles the most crucial of themes: death, romance, mystery, and redemption. Here, our narrator Father William Jansson reflects on ‘faith’, following the passing of his dear friend, […]

    Grace in an Age of Distraction II – Steven Paulson

    The second of Steven Paulson’s stellar presentations at our recent OKC Conference, this one’s gotten a lot of love from those who’ve heard it. It works both in concert with and independent of the first one:

    Grace in an Age of Distraction 2 – Steven Paulson from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

    Hopelessly Devoted: Legal Christianity

    Hopelessly Devoted: Legal Christianity

    This reflection was written by Alexander Chapota. When I became a Christian nearly twenty years ago, I knew the run was over. I was tired of lying, life had become so heavy, and I badly craved relief. And so I repented of my sin and dedicated my life to Christ. And yet, not many months […]

    Now Available! An Easy Stroll Through a Short Gospel: Meditations on Mark, by Larry Parsley

    We could not be more pleased to announce the latest Mockingbird publication, An Easy Stroll Through a Short Gospel: Meditations on Mark, by Larry Parsley.

    This accessible, down-to-earth devotional walks verse-by-verse through the shortest official take on the biggest life ever lived — the story of Jesus played out in the Gospel of Mark. You’ll follow in the footsteps of Jesus as he performs healings and preaches to crowds. Mockingbird writer Larry Parsley brings the story to life, offering approachable, personal, and insightful commentary along the way.

    You can purchase An Easy Stroll through our newly redesigned bookstore ( where you can also find all of Mockingbird’s other publications, along with seminars for purchase and a selection of merchandise…! Major thank-you to Brian M for the redesign.

    As with all of our books, An Easy Stroll Through a Short Gospel is also available through Amazon—and all positive reviews help promote the cause!

    “This is a short, meditative work that you will want to read slowly and repeatedly as you walk through the shortest and oldest canonical Gospel. As you do, significant—sometimes startling—insights await, as Larry Parsley gently, thoughtfully, and ably guides you through Mark. As it happens, Dr. Parsley has written his first book on the first Gospel. My hope is that this work is but the first fruits of future harvests from this gifted interpreter, storyteller, and teacher.” — Todd D. Still, Ph.D., Professor of Christian Scriptures in the George W. Truett Theological Seminary at Baylor University

    A gentle journey… Larry’s wisdom and eye for beauty might readily serve as inspiration for daily spiritual exercises.” ― Dr. Paul Scott Wilson, Professor of Homiletics at Emmanuel College, Toronto, and author of The Four Pages of the Sermon

    Wonderfully refreshing…compelling [and] down-to-earth…  It truly is ‘an easy stroll’ and a disarmingly profound one simultaneously. All I know is that I will never teach from Mark’s Gospel again without first consulting this book.” — Andy McQuitty, author of Notes from the Valley: A Spiritual Travelogue Through Cancer and The Way to Brave: Shaping a David Faith for a Goliath World

    Find An Easy Stroll Through a Short Gospel in Mockingbird’s new online bookstore and on Amazon.

    The Distraction of Our Lives – Jady Koch

    Here comes the next video from our OKC Conference last month! The illustrious Rev. Dr. Koch presiding:

    The Distraction of our Lives – Jady Koch from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

    Same Old Song Sings Again!

    Thrilled to announce that our lectionary podcast, Same Old Song, is back! Join Jacob Smith and new co-host Aaron Zimmerman each week as they break down the lectionary texts for the coming Sunday. Abounding with Gospel insight, (in)appropriate cultural references, and a heart for the sufferer in the pew, Same Old Song works as an audio devotional just as much as a resource for the sermon-prepping pastor. All in 25 minutes or less.

    New episodes will drop every Tuesday. You can listen/subscribe on iTunes or Spotify. Google Play and Stitcher coming soon, God-willing. Oh, and if you’re still subscribed to the old feed, you’ll probably have to re-up via one of the links above, as we switched hosts during the hiatus.

    Lectionary readings can be found here. And thank you for your patience. We’re so excited to resume!

    P.S. Same Old Song will be on The Mockingapp soon! Look for an update next week.

    10 Reasons Not to Support Mockingbird on #GivingTuesday (Today)

    1. You’ve kept all your New Year’s Resolutions – since grade school.
    2. Your favorite verse in the Bible is “God helps those who help themselves.”
    3. Your Fortnite handle used to be “PelagiusRulz98” but you changed it to “PhariC4life.”
    4. The twelve steps you value most are the ones you just logged on your Fitbit.
    5. Who you are online and who you are in person are identical.
    6. Your children are even more well-behaved at home than they are in public.
    7. You’re so secure in your justification that it wouldn’t even occur to you to atone for ransacking that Best Buy on Friday.
    8. You’re suspicious of all socially conscious hashtags, especially those that seem like the lovechild of Oprah Winfrey and Gavin Belson.
    9. You haven’t heard that Mockingbird has to close a pretty significant gap before year’s end (what with all the scholarships and free stuff we give away) and could really use your help before we have to cut back.
    10. You resent reverse psychology, no matter how well-meaning or tongue-in-cheek.

    Of course, if you absolutely MUST, you can click on the button below:

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    What, Me Worry? - A Sermon For Thanksgiving

    What, Me Worry? – A Sermon For Thanksgiving

    Very grateful to share this sermon from Paul Walker, Rector at Christ Church in Charlottesville:  If there is one thing most human beings are good at, it’s worrying. Even a day set aside to give thanks can become a day set aside for extra worry. Every year, our family has a Wednesday Thanksgiving dinner with another […]

    PZ's Podcast: Transgressive Enough 4 U?, Mountain of Love, Magic, and Too Weak to Fight

    PZ’s Podcast: Transgressive Enough 4 U?, Mountain of Love, Magic, and Too Weak to Fight

    EPISODE 260: Transgressive Enough 4 U? Experiencing a massive re-think just now concerning world cinema! This has been occasioned in part by watching every disc one can get one’s hands on of the recently released catalogue of British “Vintage Classics”. Have you ever heard of “Mandy” (1951)? Or “The Captive Heart” (1946)? Or “The Sound Barrier” […]

    In Praise of Distraction – Curt Benham

    Very happy to share this conference talk from Oklahoma City, featuring the Rev. Curt Benham, who shares about the surprising blessings of distraction. (Note: minor technical difficulties with the video in the first 10 minutes. But the audio is clear throughout!) Enjoy:

    In Praise of Distraction – Curt Benham from Mockingbird on Vimeo

    Grace in an Age of Distraction 1 – Steven Paulson

    Voila: the first video from our recent conference in Oklahoma City! Here, keynote speaker Steven Paulson — author of Luther’s Outlaw God — introduces the conference theme: distraction… Trust us, you’ll want to give your attention to this one. 😉

    Click here to watch Part II.