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Good News For People Who Love Bad News

Watching the News While Reading the Bible

Life Outside the Camp: Cancellation, Purity, and Public Space

The Goal of Cancellations is Not so Much to Target Unpopular People, as to Maintain a Shared Space Free of Contaminants.

He Showed Up In Boots: Garth Brooks is a Fool for Christ

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Parallel Universes, Politics, and Love

What Can Christians Living in “Parallel Universes of Belief” Do to Find Common Ground?

Stubborn Burros: Why Intrafaith Dialogue May Be More Important Than Interfaith Dialogue

Dialogue Won’t Heal our Deepest Divisions, but It will Humanize our Adversaries

Giving Tuesday Indulgences for Black Friday Guilt

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday …

God’s Hands Across America

Had We Found the Threshold at Which Love Stops?

On Cities Unseen: Living in the Homelessness of Grace

We are Settled until We are Unsettled, Home and Yet Not. It’s a Weird Way to Live.

Spiritual Consultants at the Gates of a Great Unraveling

“God is Dead. So is the Office.”

The God of Surprises

“If You Want to Hear God Laugh, Just Tell Him Your Plans.”

Is Christianity to Blame for Slavery?

To Answer This, Terms Have to be Defined

The Irony of Outrage and Sufjan Stevens’ “America”

Criticism which Intimately Involves Self-Criticism Will Almost Always be More Readily Received