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Originally from Alabama, David now lives in St. Louis, MO with his wife and daughter. Accordingly, he has a great love for both grits and toasted ravioli. He's been a Mockingbird reader since 2012.

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    Freedom to Be … Bored?

    Starting around mid-June, people in our St. Louis suburban neighborhood began shooting off fireworks every night (illegality notwithstanding). Both firepower and frequency steadily increased until the climax on Independence Day. Some households had clearly spent hundreds of dollars apiece for the occasion, particularly on the heavy-duty artillery shell fireworks. The action was quite literally non-stop […]

    Martin Luther on Where to Find God: Suffering and the Cross, Glory and Majesty

    Shortly before his death in 2002, renowned paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould was asked what he would write to an extraterrestrial if given the opportunity. He replied that he’d start off by asking if his alien pen-pal was made up of DNA or something else. “And the other thing,” Gould continued, I will give to you […]