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    July 4th, Sufjan, and the Wake-up Call of Death

    Thankful for this post from Grace Leuenberger: This week, Sufjan Stevens announced a new, forthcoming solo album titled The Ascension, his first since Carrie and Lowell debuted in March 2015. I remember listening to the album on that frigid March morning, sitting with my legs cramped underneath my dorm room desk. Tears sprung up in […]

    Optimizing Life, Profaning the Sabbath

    Delighted to have this post from Derrick Bledsoe: There are few things more stressful to me than the sudden realization that I have forgotten something meaningful. If a special meeting, a sensitive phone call, or a research paper submission were an iceberg, then I am absolutely not going to make a tasteless Titanic joke (but […]

    “You Meant It for Evil”: The Gift of Unintended Consequences

    Thankful for this post by David Clay: In his 1956 essay, “On Being Conservative,” British philosopher Michael Oakeshott speaks not so much of a conservative ideology but rather of a conservative disposition, which is that of preserving what is good about one’s present circumstances in the face of inevitable change. According to Oakeshott, to be […]

    Horrifying Piety: The Real Villain of The Witch

    Thankful for this post from Derrick Bledsoe: I have not always been a fan of horror movies. Perhaps it was a mix of legalism coupled with an exposure to a more lurid kind of horror (read: the Saw franchise), but it wasn’t until all that long ago that I truly began to appreciate the art […]

    Iris Murdoch and the Freedom of Attention

    This meditation was written by Ken Wilson. Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable — if anything is excellent or praiseworthy — think about such things.  Philippians 4:8 There is an amusing scene in Whit Stillman’s 1990 preppie coming-of-age film, […]

    A New Cup: Shots of Grace for Every Transition

    Grateful for this post from Casey Wilson: Life throws us transitions. Some can feel like they come out of nowhere and some come because of choices we make. Regardless, transitions are a part of being human and they come in many forms, such as new jobs, relationships, diagnoses, pandemics, and more. Transitions exist as an […]

    God’s Breath to the Breathless

    Grateful for this one from Josh Musser Gritter: Recently I watched the movie adaptation of “The Book Thief”, in which there is striking scene. Set during WWII, a group of German Jews are huddled together in a small bomb shelter outside Munich. As the bombs barrage the city streets, the people of the small town […]

    A Beautiful Paradox: God’s Presence In Our Doubt

    This post comes from Abigail Brougher: Jonathan Steingard, the former lead singer for the Christian band Hawk Nelson, recently made national news as the latest Christian figure to renounce or reconsider or renounce their faith. He joins other notable Christian figures like Josh Harris, author of the infamous I Kissed Dating Goodbye, and Marty Sampson […]

    A Song You Were Made to Join In: A Review of Jason Isbell’s “Reunions”

    This review comes to us from Ryan Stevenson-Cosgrove: On May 15th, Jason Isbell followed up his excellent three album streak with the album Reunions. Much of the press ruminated on the unique sort of challenge his past accomplishments present: what is an artist to do after pulling off near perfection three times in a row? […]

    The Triumph of Lo-Fi Aesthetics

    This one comes to us from Peter Severson: We have learned quickly that a lot of our contemporary industries weren’t built to be pandemic-proof, but the sudden shutdown of live-action television and movie production might be the biggest cultural shock of them all. The industry has recently experienced a compelling devolution in style, one that […]

    Holy Foolishness: A Manifesto

    Shakespeare, the Holy Spirit, and Hearts on Sleeves

    The Resurrection in “The Old Man and the Sea”

    Salvation and Life through these Bones