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    Doomsday Revelations on “21st of May”

    This reflection comes from Ryan Stevenson-Cosgrove. Like a portent from heaven, a few weeks ago, I received a revelation from the Lord! It came in the form of a divinely generated playlist. A celestial suggestion to listen to a Nickel Creek song. Nickel Creek was a band at the forefront of the Americana revival in […]

    Offensive: On War Crimes and Forgiveness

    Thankful for this one from Grant Wishard. Im Chaem, a delicate woman in her mid-70s, lives peacefully in the tiny village of Anlong Veng in northwest Cambodia. She raises cucumbers, tends to several cows, enjoys Thai soap operas, and is content to pass the time away with her loving children and grandchildren. Im Chaem is […]

    Remembering Sy Sperling — and Your Pastor, Minister, or Priest

    A timely suggestion from a pastor friend of Mbird. Pour one out (pluck one out?) for our man Sy Sperling, the greatest theologian of late-night TV ads from the early 90s and late 80s. He died in February at age 78. Don’t remember Sy Sperling? What are you, Gen Z? He was everywhere on TV […]

    Footloose and Finally Free

    This one penned by our friend Jenoa Saplin. Since I’ve had the pleasure of much more free time than usual, I’ve been filling up some of that time with movies I’ve never seen,  and so, yesterday I watched Footloose for the first time. Because I don’t live under a rock, I knew the plot to […]


    Grateful for this reflection by Grace Leuenberger. Last Friday, I was messaging a colleague about her day. She told me about that morning’s trip to the grocery store, “to pick up some essentials,” she said. “Coffee, milk, bread … But is coffee an essential though!?” she joked. One week later, I scroll through Twitter to […]

    Exposure Control and COVID: Finding Contentment in Quarantine

    This one was written by Greg Gelburd. It could be a dark planet on Star Trek, but alas it is instead a micro-particle (almost as tiny as the mesh in my N95 mask) that is causing havoc on the blue planet. Side-by-side, two hundred of the viruses would be almost visible. As we socially isolate […]

    Is the Lord Among Us?

    Grateful for this reflection, by Kenneth Tanner: As Christians, we do not live in denial about the downsides of existence. We do not deny the presence of evil as pestilence, or of evil as a lack of what is good and sustaining for us as creatures, nor do we ever imagine that these depravations are […]

    Canceled Plans and Canceled People

    This sermon comes to us from Will Ryan. I want to talk this morning about canceling. In the face of all the suspensions—the NBA, the NCAA, airports across the globe, and all the rest (including worship services)—I think it’s important to hear how Jesus responds to someone to someone facing another kind of canceling. Here’s […]

    I’m Doing Coronavirus Better Than You

    This one was written by Shaun Roach. Coronavirus has turned out to be the largest religious (anti-)gathering of our day. The holy voices are loud and clear. Do not touch your face! Do not shake hands! Do not go out to eat! It feels like fourth-grade-Catholic-school-English class all over again. If you’re like me, you’re […]

    Wash Your Hands, You Sinners

    This one comes to us from Kate Campbell. I just returned from a five-day trip to the Dominican Republic where I was visiting a missionary who is planting churches in the farthest mountain villages of the country. The trip was an amazing adventure — I spent hours in a pickup truck on a bumpy dirt […]

    Biblical Criticism and Rational Ignorance

    This one comes to us from David Clay. Growing up in church, I was aware that there were people who questioned the Bible’s authority on scientific and sometimes moral grounds. What I didn’t know about before going to college was the existence of a large-scale scholarly enterprise that systematically put the historical reliability of Scripture […]

    If Only I Were a Seattle Surgeon: Reflections on Grey’s Anatomy

    This one comes from Isabella Yosuico.  Last January I started binge-watching Grey’s Anatomy from season one and I’m nearly caught up. That’s a viewing pace of something like 27 episodes a day, which comes with a diagnosis and 12-step program referral. My saving grace is that I’m nearly done, so I can finally reclaim my […]