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    Tech Support and the Incarnation

    This post comes to us from Grace Leuenberger: On Sunday night, the nightmare I was hoping to avoid came true: I broke the Internet. No, I don’t mean like THAT (Kim Kardashian-style); my breaking of the Internet came in the form of crashing a client’s website. (Meghann, if you’re reading this: everything is fine!) I […]

    PZ’s (Mostly) Christmas Movie Picks

    Grab you mince pies and warm up the hot chocolate — PZ and John Glover’s Christmas movie highlights is here! Set your DVRs or tune into the Turner Classic Movie channel to see these wonderful films with profoundly Christian themes. All times Eastern, and, where possible, streaming alternatives are provided in parenthesis.  December 16, 10:15 […]

    Mary Didn’t Know

    This post comes to us from Jason Micheli: When it comes to music, I’m no David Zahl, but, having once DJ’d for a rock station and — once that station went caput — having absconded with most of their music collection (#lowanthropology), I do rate as a lower level of nerd. As an aficionado, I […]

    Celebrating Advent with Oprah, Outer Space, and Other Christmas Countdowns

    This post comes to us from Grant Wishard: As of this past Sunday, we are formally anticipating Christmas. Advent has begun. We are reenacting how the Jews faithfully waited for the Messiah to arrive and also meditating on His future return. We are adventing. If our experience with COVID-19 lends itself to any event of […]

    A Feast of Biscuits and Apple Butter: Church in the Time of Covid

    This post comes to us from Andrew Johnson: It’s Sunday morning. I’m spreading apple butter on a homemade biscuit. An organ sounds, so I’m grabbing my coffee mug and hustling to the living room for church. Live on television: the organ pipes in the loft of Grace & Holy Trinity Cathedral. The angle of the […]

    Judge Not: Okay, but Why?

    This post comes to us from Adam Neder, the Bruner-Welch Professor of Theology at Whitworth University. He is the author of Theology as a Way of Life: On Teaching and Learning the Christian Faith and Participation in Christ: An Entry Into Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics. Does anyone who cares even a little about the plausibility of Christian witness need to […]

    When Hope Turns to Ashes: The Weakness of John the Baptist

    This post comes to us from Nathan Carr: When John, who was in prison, heard about the deeds of the Messiah, he sent his disciples to ask him, “Are you the one who is to come, or should we expect someone else?” (Mt 11:2-3) Here sits a man whose life has been spent in the […]

    Legislating Morality: The Political Enthusiasm of Christians

    This post comes to us from Johnny Walker: Most Christians work with the assumption that their faith in Christ must have some consequence for their political lives. For many this assumption is left more or less uninterrogated and runs its course with only minimal reflection, but for some the political character of the Gospel, once […]

    The Power of Love: Grace in Augustinian Perspective

    In anticipation of the publication of John Barclay’s book, Paul and the Power of Grace, Part Five of our “Defining Grace” series continues with this essay from Simeon Zahl, Lecturer in Christian Theology at Cambridge University. He is the author of the books The Holy Spirit and Christian Experience (excerpts of which can be found here) and Pneumatology […]

    Beyond Exhausted

    This post comes to us from Sarah Denley Herrington: I’ve noticed something interesting lately. Remember how people used to sigh and say, “Busy,” when you’d ask how they were doing? I used to say, arrogantly, that people loved to “wear this as a badge of honor.” Now I know they say this as a cry for […]

    PZ’s November Movies, Part Two

    The Man Who Knew Too Much, Annie Get Your Gun, and more!

    Superabundant Grace in a Time of Scarcity

    The Question Is Not “When Will God Act Graciously?” It’s “When Has He Ever Not?”