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Praying in the Night

Growing up, I thought everyone’s family only prayed prayers that rhymed. My family’s rhyming prayer roster included “Before We Eat” (for when a child hadn’t already wolfed down several slices of bread), “Evening Has Come” (for when a child had wolfed down several slices of bread), and “Thank You for the World So Sweet” (for […]

How Strange Is Your God? James Wood on the Idolatrous Voice of Christ

All week the forecast was bad. showed only thunderclouds, rain, and a long series of yellow lightning bolts. But when the day came — a day when college-aged Christians would gather outside to protest human trafficking — the storms held off. The clouds came in, but the air was clear. One of my friends, […]

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Join Us for Morning Prayer

For those whose churches aren’t meeting for worship this morning, we at Christ Church in Charlottesville taped our planned Morning Prayer service, which you can follow along with by downloading the service bulletin here. Paul Walker presided, I preached, Sam Bush did the music, and Amanda McMillen did the readings.

Christ Episcopal Church Sunday Prayer Service March 15th 2020 from Mockingbird on Vimeo.