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    The Myth of the Perfect (Christian) Parent

    A friend emailed this article to me from Christianity Today that I had somehow missed, about the pitfalls of being the perfect Christian parent. The themes of guilt, shame, anxiety (i.e., Law) about producing Christian children are not unfamiliar to MBird readers. Unfortunately, as the author notes, they are also recurrent themes in Christian parenting. […]

    Participants Needed For An Online Questionnaire Study

    DZ gave me permission to post this on here, so I’ll be quick: I’m looking for participants to take part in a questionnaire study that explores people’s experiences of asking God for something or to do something (i.e. people’s petitionary prayers). It takes anywhere between 20-45 minutes to complete, is entirely anonymous, and has been […]

    My 30th Birthday Playlist

    If you, like me, were born in 1981, this is the year of the big 30 for you. (I turned 30 last week.) And if you, like me, have awesome friends, they may have made you a play list of songs from 1981 for your birthday. And gosh darn it, 1981 was a good year. […]

    On Religious Insight

    Just a short excerpt from The Psychology of Religious Knowing by Fraser Watts and Mark Williams:

    “The contrast is between insight that is merely intellectual or neutral and a second type of insight that has been variously described as true, effective, dynamic or emotional. … Religious insight that, like therapeutic insight, has been chiseled out of experience will have more personal consequences than merely intellectual or ‘notional’ religious insight. Emotional and behavioural reactions are more likely to be congruent with beliefs that have been formed in this way.” (p. 71, 74)

    The Best of Both Worlds

    Quick To Judge And Slow To Forgive…

    Following on DPotter’s recent post about how Americans are slow to forgive, I’m sure you’ve been (or are quickly becoming) aware of the internet’s reaction over how a food magazine used a piece of writing without the writer’s permission, and instead of offering an apology, the editor told the author of the article that she […]

    Scientists successfully teach gorilla that it will die some day

    Following on from DZ’s earlier post on talking to kids about God and all the moral/ethical/theological issues surrounding it, here is a genius piece from The Onion about teaching a gorilla about the concept of mortality:

    I Like It, So God Would Too: Egocentrism in Believers’ Estimates of God

    Religion is often seen as a moral compass – it is frequently used by believers as a guide to doing and believing the right thing. People may disagree on social issues like abortion, same-sex marriage, and the death penalty and back their opinions by invoking God as the ultimate advocate of their beliefs. But how […]

    On The Relationship Between Fart And Morality

    When we think about ethics and morality, we often think that it is rational. Morality requires making judgments of right and wrong, and making judgments about what is right and wrong is a matter of logic and reasoning. But researchers interested in the psychology of morality are finding that morality is much more embodied and […]

    Self help…doesn’t help

    Does self help actually help? Apparently not as much as the self-help industry would like to think. Recent research published in Psychological Science shows that repeating positive statements about oneself, which is a common self-help strategy, doesn’t always increase self esteem. Researchers asked people to repeat positive statements about themselves, such as “I am a […]

    Felicia Day on Flossing

    Felicia Day‘s recent tweet:

    When the teeth cleaning lady tells me I need to floss more, it makes me feel like a chastised 5 year old. I want to NOT floss because of it.

    (Felicia Day starred in Dr. Horrible’s Singalong Blog and was one of the potential slayers in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Her tweet captures the essence of the Law – it tells you what to do, but makes you not want to do it!)

    Joss Whedon on The True Enemy of Humanism

    Joss Whedon (creator of the incredible Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse) recently received the Outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award in Cultural Humanism from the Harvard Humanist Society, and delivered an interesting address at Memorial Church at Harvard. Here’s a snippet of it, but the most interesting part is the last 20 odd seconds, […]