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How Strange Is Your God? James Wood on the Idolatrous Voice of Christ

All week the forecast was bad. showed only thunderclouds, rain, and a long series of yellow lightning bolts. But when the day came — a day when college-aged Christians would gather outside to protest human trafficking — the storms held off. The clouds came in, but the air was clear. One of my friends, […]

Heaven is a 12-Step Meeting

It was a big weekend for baptisms and confirmations at our parish. By Sunday evening, I had reaffirmed the Baptismal Covenant from the Book of Common Prayer five times. At the end of the Covenant, the congregation is asked to uphold orthodox practices and beliefs of the Christian faith. The response to the handful of questions […]

Can Zoom Be Sacred? The Architecture of God

We are in an unholy mess. Each day reveals more disease, more anger, more flaws in our culture than anyone could have anticipated a year ago. This season’s inscrutable fears are uniquely human. In the past, we would come together, comfort and strengthen each other, in communities, in families, in churches. But part of our […]

It’s a Mockingcast Birthday Extravaganza!

Happy birthday to us!! Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in (and continues to write in!) to say how much the cast means to you — the outpouring has been such an encouragement to RJ, Sarah, and myself. And thank you for listening, period. This project is a true labor of love.

The milestone 200th episode is up as of this morning, in which we celebrate by talking soul toupées, American happiness, None elevator pitches, and the compelling perfectionism of Yeshua. Also, Dave comes to grips with his ADD, Sarah starts a new hobby, while RJ serenades them both like some kind of overgrown Dutch choirboy–with the help of the meme to the right.

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Politics and the Hidden God

The 19th-century political theorist Ludwig von Rochau invented the term Realpolitik to describe his program for unifying Germany, at the time a gaggle of squabbling nation-states. Drawing lessons from the failure of the French Revolution, Rochau argued that idealism and passion simply aren’t enough: successful political actors must know when to cut deals and make […]

On Cities Unseen: Living in the Homelessness of Grace

Last week I switched over my youngest son’s closet, exchanging his size five clothes for his brother’s old size sixes, and as I have done for the past three years, I took a moment to rue the fact that in a few weeks, we’d be moving to a new house and I’d have to pack […]

Making Advent Fun Again, with StoryMakers

When we think back on 2020, it’s hard to describe, and it seems like there has been nothing “normal” about it. As parents and churches think about birthday parties, Sunday school, and Christmas activities, it is hard to imagine how Advent could be that “magical” time of year in 2020. Thankfully in God’s mercy over […]

Don’t Overthink It: The Gospel We All Need

Thankful for this post from Matt Metevelis: I lead with my head. I am always more comfortable with things when I can analyze and argue about or with them. My wife is very leery of asking me questions that involve more than a simple answer. I’ve been interrupted and asked for the “Reader’s Digest Version” […]

The Lord’s Prayer for Prodigals

The following is from the coda of Wesley Hill’s magnificent book, The Lord’s Prayer: A Guide to Praying to Our Father, pp. 99-101. It’s taken a couple of years for me to realize how much looking at [Rembrandt’s “The Return of the Prodigal Son”] hanging over my kneeler has affected the way I pray […] In […]

God’s Little Puzzle Pieces

We are puzzle pieces. A strange thing to say, but it is true. Ever wondered what your purpose is? Or struggled with your identity? Or wonder where your life fits into the bigger picture in relation to the people around you? I’ve had moments like these in different seasons and for different reasons. Recently the […]

Spiritual Consultants at the Gates of a Great Unraveling

The Great Unraveling they’re calling it, what’s happening to our society right now. A little melodramatic, I know; headlines are just words after all, and it’s gotten so hard to tell what’s hype and what’s not, how much of what we’re hearing is Internet-land hysteria and what’s actually, well, true. So maybe “unraveling” is a […]

A (Low-Anthropology) Guide to Quarantine Prayer and ‘Loud Time’

Recently, over coffees and 1000-calorie donuts the size of our heads, a couple of friends and I discussed our morning spiritual routines. I expressed frustration, for the thousandth time, that establishing a morning routine of Bible reading / journaling / prayer / whatever is very difficult for me. And that I consistently feel shame as […]