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Moved to Faith By Bricks and Stones

Alain de Botton on the (Church) Architecture of Happiness.

Fleming Rutledge on the Raising of the Crucified One

What better way to ring in Eastertide than with the queen of homiletics herself, the Rev. Fleming Rutledge? This gem comes from our 10th Anniversary conference in NYC. Alleluia! The Lord is risen!

The Raising of the Crucified One ~ Fleming Rutledge from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

A Mockingbird Guide to Holy Week

From Palm Sunday to Easter, and Every Day in Between, We’ve Got Holy Week covered.

The Doctrine of Grace vs. the Disposition of Grace

The way you hold a position is oftentimes just as important as the position you hold.

Sundry and Manifold Changes

Turbulence Often Manifests as a New Impediment

Five Lenten Meditations (and a Prayer) from Thomas Merton

Given Our Own Intense Solitude of Late, Merton Is the Perfect Lenten Read

Message in a Bottle (To All Future Mothers)

Whatever Your Expectations Are, They’ll Woefully Fall Short

On Having Faith When You Have No Faith

Being Found by God in the Small, Everyday Moments of Surrender

Walking Through Holy Week with Our Kids

For All of us Who Want to Walk with our Children Through our Grief, StoryMakers Has Created a Helpful Guide to Holy Week.

The Thin Line Between Life and Death: William Eggleston’s Dilemma

He Must Keep Drinking Toxins to Live, yet if He Stops Drinking, He Will Die

Surprising Fasting Advice from a Hermit

Are We Becoming Holy? Leave it, This is God’s Business.

Season 1 of The Brothers Zahl Podcast is Here!!

Good news: It’s LAUNCH DAY for Mockingbird’s latest podcast, The Brothers Zahl!! As of this morning all six episodes of season one (“God,” “Holiness,” “Evil,” “Church,” “Abreaction,” and “Grace”) are available wherever you get your podcasts. Listen and/or subscribe by clicking on the image above — or searching wherever you get your podcasts, e.g. Spotify. […]