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Surprising Fasting Advice from a Hermit

Are We Becoming Holy? Leave it, This is God’s Business.

Season 1 of The Brothers Zahl Podcast is Here!!

Good news: It’s LAUNCH DAY for Mockingbird’s latest podcast, The Brothers Zahl!! As of this morning all six episodes of season one (“God,” “Holiness,” “Evil,” “Church,” “Abreaction,” and “Grace”) are available wherever you get your podcasts. Listen and/or subscribe by clicking on the image above — or searching wherever you get your podcasts, e.g. Spotify. […]

The Gospel is Not Self-Care: Overcoming Burnout

A Chaplain Returns From the Brink of Exhaustion in an Unexpected Way

Storms in the Night

On Nocturnal Anxiety, Frightening Weather, and the Comfort of Compline

A Prayer for Grandparents Day

My Children’s Grief and Sorrow are not Mine to Buffer. I Can Only Share Them.

When God Went Silent

On Trying to Connect with God through a Silent Retreat and Sound of Metal

Come As You Are to Jesus

“Oh Wanderer Come Home / You’re Not Too Far / Lay Down Your Hurt / Lay Down Your Heart”

The One Thing She Needed

She was Still Haunted by the Old Failures of Her Practice; She Didn’t Save Everyone

Rediscovering Lent with StoryMakers, Augustine, and St. Paul

If We Do Not Walk through Darkness, We Will Not Know We Need the Light

Confessions of a Former Youth Minister

Maybe We Were Closer to the Truth Then Than I Am Now. Closer to the Place Where God Resides.

Praying in the Night

Keep Watch, Dear Lord, with Those who Work, or Watch, or Weep this Night

Putting the Christ in Christian: Do You Feel Uncomfortable Enough?

Who Exactly is Sharing Whose Lifestyle and Values Here?