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Can Zoom Be Sacred? The Architecture of God

Not All Spiritual or Inspiring Spaces are Sacred

It’s a Mockingcast Birthday Extravaganza!

Happy birthday to us!! Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in (and continues to write in!) to say how much the cast means to you — the outpouring has been such an encouragement to RJ, Sarah, and myself. And thank you for listening, period. This project is a true labor of love.

The milestone 200th episode is up as of this morning, in which we celebrate by talking soul toupées, American happiness, None elevator pitches, and the compelling perfectionism of Yeshua. Also, Dave comes to grips with his ADD, Sarah starts a new hobby, while RJ serenades them both like some kind of overgrown Dutch choirboy–with the help of the meme to the right.

  • Click here to read about Soul Toupées.
  • Click here to read Ruth Whippman’s article on “America the Anxious.”
  • Click here to read Eric Weiner’s piece on what it’s like to be a None.
  • Click here to read a portion of Francis Spufford’s Yeshau chapter from Unapologetic.
  • Click here to read the article Dave mentions about mid-life crises.
  • Click here to read Sarah’s post on Overconfident Men and Underestimating Women.


Politics and the Hidden God

Realpolitik, Cyrus the Great, and God’s Plan

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Don’t Overthink It: The Gospel We All Need

People Need a Gospel that Restores Them, not a Demand that Gives Them Stuff to Do, but More Sweetly

The Lord’s Prayer for Prodigals

Wesley Hill, on Praying the Our Father “in a Way You Hope Never to Stop”

God’s Little Puzzle Pieces

“Now There are Varieties of Gifts, but the Same Spirit”

Spiritual Consultants at the Gates of a Great Unraveling

“God is Dead. So is the Office.”

A (Low-Anthropology) Guide to Quarantine Prayer and ‘Loud Time’

“If My Life is Loud, Why Can’t I Just Be Loud with God?”

Newly Expanded Paperback Edition of Seculosity Is Out!

Big news: the expanded paperback edition of #Seculosity is now available! This volume is what happens when you ask a record collector to prep a reissue: he insists on remastering and adding a ton of bonus tracks. I’m so grateful to Broadleaf Books for indulging me.

What’s new? I wrote an extra chapter about Fandom/Celebrity/Sports, added a ton of footnotes to the main text, compiled a Discussion Guide, and did a lengthy author Q&A to address various questions I’ve gotten along the way. So it’s about 25% longer and feels a lot more complete to me.

Grab it on Amazon or wherever books are sold.

Anyone looking to read it as part of a group, there are bulk discounts available from my publisher that I’m happy to pass on, just email me at Oh and don’t forget to please please pretty please post a review and/or rating on Amazon — that helps tremendously.

Finally, eternal thanks to Mark Babikow for outdoing himself with yet another amazing trailer.

Newly Expanded Paperback Edition of Seculosity! from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

When Christians Sing of Hope: Glenn Packiam’s Worship and the World to Come

It is the Battle Cry of a Battle that has Long Been Won