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One Simple Rule for Never Making a Bad Decision 

A (Humorous) Answer to Life’s Most Difficult Problem

Lent in 2021

From the Telegraph:

“Pelotaunt,” the Exercise Bike for Everyone

“No corny inspirational speeches here. Just withering judgment sure to get your heart pumping and your brain thinking, ‘Am I bad?'”

The Delightful Distraction of Bernie Memes

It was the Meme Seen ‘Round the World, the Perfect Distraction We all Needed

Thank God for Jokes: How Christ Redeems Our Ridicule

“Every Man is Important if He Loses His Life; and Every Man is Funny if He Loses His Hat and has to Run After It”

From The New Yorker

From The New Yorker

From The New Yorker

From The New Yorker

Please Scream Inside Your Heart

Acknowledging Our Pain and Connecting with Fellow Sufferers, Including Jesus

On Hula Hooping, First Grade Bullies, and Living Language: Mere Words and the Word

Oscar Wilde and Toni Morrison on the Power of Words

A Newly Discovered (and Entirely Short-Sighted) Ancient Roman Letter

“Demetrius to Celsus, greetings. I wish to pass on to you what I have learned about the new Christ cult.”