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Sticking Our Necks Out: Judgement in the Age of COVID Phases

Life is judged with all the blindness of life itself. – Santayana My friend recently admitted that he and his wife had invited people over for dinner. Plenty of qualifiers were set in place—not only did everyone eat outside on their porch, but their guests were mindful enough to bring their own food, their own […]

The High Cost of Change

A few weeks ago, an Instagram influencer mentioned how her husband had recently developed a curious fixation with The Weather Channel. Every morning, she would come downstairs to find him preparing breakfast with one eye on the forecast. “Hey, honey, check out these storms over Texas,” he would say. And that’s exactly what she would […]

A Grave Burden

Blessed are those who carry / for they shall be raised. – Anna Kamienska Several years ago, during Christmas vacation, my dad and I were discussing funerals. This is not as weird as it sounds. We were two pastors talking our trade. The conversation turned to my own grandfather’s service, which had taken place twenty-five […]

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