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    LeBron James and His Freedom

    I love LeBron James. I love the way he plays basketball. He is freakishly athletic–he’s a 6-foot-8, 260-pound freight train that bulldozes his way up and down the floor, while having the court vision and passing skills that are unheard of for a player his size. Then, of course, is his otherworldly leaping ability. I […]

    Reflections on Auburn’s Amazing Last Couple of Weeks

    Auburn University is playing in the National Championship game this year. That statement was highly improbable in the beginning of the college football season this year. It definitely would’ve been an inconceivable thought last year, as Auburn went winless in SEC. This year, however, has been quite a different story. The day after Thanksgiving, Auburn […]

    Mike Tyson and Gang Lighten Up

    This is pretty amazing, ht DZ:

    Iron Mike is at it again, and this time he’s brought some other hall-of-fame athletes. The short clip beautifully embodies a certain kind of freedom, each according to their own…interesting and sympathetic careers/lives. The root of the commercial’s charm is its candor–each athlete simply doesn’t take themselves very seriously. The sting of their ‘transgression’ is gone. “All is right with the world” indeed, I must say!

    Derrick Rose, Sneakers over Stats, and the Beauty of Empathy

    I remember visiting my brother in Memphis during basketball season in 2008: Derrick Rose was the talk of the town. With a 6-foot-4 frame, Rose was slightly taller than most of the point guards he went up against and could jump higher and run faster. Rose came out Simeon High School in Chicago, a hotbed […]

    Mike Tyson and His Beloved Trainer

    If any professional athlete has the gift of gab, it is Mike Tyson. Words have proven to be profoundly significant in his life, from the infamous interviews about his relationships with the women in his life, to cussing out/threatening opponents in press conferences, to his now rather candid reflections on his crazy life in documentaries […]

    Thoughts on the Richie Incognito/Jonathan Martin Saga

    Racism; blame; weakness; bullying and hazing–terms with which you are familiar if you know anything about the recent story concerning Miami Dolphins offensive linemen Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin. For the past couple of weeks, this story has absolutely dominated sports news networks, reporting recent developments and consequent commentary. First the focus was strictly on […]

    The Appeal of Running and Shooting and the Foolishness of Giving

    Football fans love quarterbacks. Basketball fans love point guards. In this week at Mbird sports, we’ll examine some key elements that make up the two positions, and try to make some distinctions as to why they are so beloved, while noting how they may be even more attractive today than ever. Joe Namath. Peyton Manning. […]

    The Mockingbird 2013-2014 NBA Season Preview

    It’s an understatement to say that it is currently an exciting time in the world of sports, but it really is. The World Series starts tonight. College football and NFL is beginning to heat up and bowl games and playoffs we all love will be here before you know it. That’s not even to mention […]

    The Dopamine Thrill of Winning and Suspended Animation

    Did you get to check out The Atlantic piece DZ quoted in last week’s weekender, “Parents Ruin Sports for Their Kids by Obsessing About Winning”? As soon as I read it, I knew taking a closer look was inevitable this week in Mbird sports! DZ was right, the title is anything but subtle. In the […]

    Magic Johnson’s Smile, John Calvin’s Selfless Christian Life, and God’s Grace

    During the NBA season, you’ll see an extremely chipper analyst on ESPN: Earvin “Magic” Johnson. I’ve always had a great respect for Magic, not only for the way in which he played the sport he loves, but for the ways in which he has spoken about those he loves. I still remember watching old–and incredible–VHS […]

    The Mercilessness of College Football’s Win-Now Age

    What an interesting time it is for college football. Lane Kiffin and Paul Pasqualoni were fired from their jobs last week–Kiffin from USC and Pasqualoni from UConn–after only three years of coaching. After The University of Southern California suffered a loss to Arizona State this past Saturday, Kiffin was let go. Finishing his career at USC with […]

    The Dodgers Went Swimming (and We Would Too)

    Major league baseball, perhaps more other professional sports, has intricacies that are taken very seriously. This manifested itself last week, when various Los Angeles Dodgers players began to celebrate their win against the Arizona Diamondbacks by jumping into the pool at Chase Field, home of the D-Backs. The Dodgers’ victory over the Diamondbacks clinched the NL West, […]