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    Sports and Fashion: NBA’s Preppy-Hipsters and Vain Baller Selfies

    Fashion has always carried a lot of weight in the NBA. Think of “Pistol” Pete Maravich and Walt Frazier’s three-piece bell-bottomed suits in the ’70’s, Larry Bird’s impeccable mullet in the 80’s, Michael Jordan’s and his killer Armani’s, and Allen Iverson’s cornrows, chains and tattoos. That’s off the court, though. On the court, style is […]

    The Place Beyond the Pines: Where Toxic Shame is Met with Apology

    SPOILERS…BEWARE!! My wife and I watched The Place Beyond the Pines a few weeks ago, and we’ve been talking and thinking about it ever since. It’s certainly one of the “darker” films to come along in a while, and if you’ve seen Derek Cianfrance’s other film, Blue Valentine, you know what I mean. One of Cianfrance’s main concerns […]

    The Johnny Football Saga Continues

    Oh my Johnny Football! The dramatic narrative of college football’s prodigal continues. As we’ve discussed before, the majority of the critique against the reigning Heisman trophy winner has to do with his off-the-field antics. This time, however, it’s Manziel’s antics on the field that are coming up for questioning. Due to signing autographs and potentially getting paid for […]

    Adrian Peterson’s Theology of Glory (and Why It’s Unhelpful)

    Perhaps you know the story: Adrian Peterson, who suffered from an injury that was to alter his career (tearing his ACL), returned the next year and had such a good season that he was named the NFL’s most valuable player. Players who tear their ACL usually don’t bounce back very well or very quickly, let […]

    The Wonderfully Puzzling Honesty of Early Retirement

    For sports fans, retirement is a sensitive subject. Early retirement is particularly touchy though. As fans, we long to see our favorite players exercise their talent for as long as possible. Early retirement usually occurs as a result of something rather serious, like an injury or a crime–it rarely happens by way of a willful decision. […]

    Nobody Calls Me… “Soft”!!

    The role of a power forward in the NBA is pretty simple. On offense, you are to take high-percentage shots, relatively close to the basket, and rebound. On defense, you are to block shots and rebound. I realize that is a very reductionistic description of the role of a power forward, but it’s true. But […]

    Coaching By Grace

    Growing up playing basketball, I had lots teammates, all of whom were very different. Sensitive players. Coach’s pets. Troubled prodigals and hot shots. And then some that should not have made the team but wore their jerseys on game days with more gratitude than all the rest (think Landry from Friday Night Lights). I think […]

    Everything Is Going to Be Okay: Austen Lane Opens Up About Failure

    It’s always nice to come across articles that are honest about professional athletes’ lives, particularly the arena of failure. I do not mean that it’s enjoyable to hear about the failure for its own sake (in the schadenfreude sense), just that it brings them down to Earth and can serve as point of connection and […]

    College Football’s Prodigal Son and Elder Brother

    But while he was still a long way off, his father saw him and felt compassion, and ran and embraced him and kissed him. (Luke 15:20) Well, it’s almost that time of year. College football is right around the corner. Two words have dominated the headlines in anticipating the big year: Johnny Manziel (or Johnny Football.) Manziel, the first freshman […]

    The Best, and Only the Best (and the Rest of Us)

    The MLB all-star game was last night. The big game, and the various festivities and events surrounding it (namely, the home run derby) have always been one of the memorable elements of America’s pastime. I’ve always enjoyed all-star games. There’s something to be said about seeing the most talented individuals of a particular sport perform […]

    The One With No Legs, The One Who Could Not See, and The One Who Stayed

    Buckle your seat belt and grab a tissue (box). What follows is the amazing story of a former ESPN producer, Lisa Fenn, and two boys from Akron, Ohio: Dartanyon Crockett and Leroy Sutton. You might have read/seen the a clip a few years ago on ESPN entitled, “Carry On.” Originally aired in 2009, the story highlighted a […]

    As Long As You Love Me: Impulsive Tweets, Indecision, and Longing for Absolution

    The relationship between Alex Rodriguez and the New York Yankees is a drama-filled one. Earlier last week, A-Rod tweeted about his being medically cleared to play baseball again, after undergoing rehab for a serious hip injury. Yankees owner, Brian Cashman, wasn’t exactly thrilled about A-Rod’s impulsive tweet, and told’s Andrew Marchand that Alex should, […]