“Issues, Etc,” the nationally syndicated radio program of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) has been shut down! Dubbed “talk radio for the thinking Christian”, the show, which is based in St. Louis and boasts a wide podcast following, has been canceled, its website terminated, and its hosts killed. Actually, that last part isn’t true, but the way this thing happened is pretty outrageous. The Wall Street Journal (of all places!) reports:

“The program was in all likelihood a pawn in a larger battle for the soul of the Missouri Synod. The church is divided between, one the one hand, traditional Lutherans known for their emphasis on sacraments, liturgical worship and the church’s historic confessions and, on the other, those who have embraced pop-culture Christianity and a market driven approach to church growth.

[One of the many signers of a petition to keep the show] said, “Seriously, this has been like waking up in the hospital after surgery only to find that the wrong limb has been amputated and no one will admit who the surgeon was.”

A grassroots movement has already sprung up to get “Issues, Etc” back on the air and reverse the decision of the denomination’s leadership. It would appear that although the LCMS wants to move beyond “their grandfather’s church,” members are asking if they can have their grandfather’s church back! Even facebook.com is being used as a forum with several group calling for the shows reinstatement. One group is called, “Bring back KFUO’s Issues, Etc. WE WANT TO HEAR THE GOSPEL!” Needless to say, we here at Mockingbird sympathize.

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