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Popsicles and Prayer Books

Despite a seldom-interrupted lifelong habit of weekly church attendance, I have difficulty recalling the content and personal impact of more than about a dozen sermons. I may be a poor auditory learner in any case, and my lack of recall does not reflect on the homiletical abilities of my many friends who spend hours every […]

John Donne’s "Batter My Heart" in John Adams’ Dr. Atomic

Mockingbird’s resident opera aficionado Ken Wilson offers forth a truly breathtaking moment of beauty: John Donne’s plea in Holy Sonnet XIV that grace will break his captive will, set to necessarily inadequate but characteristically gorgeous music by John Adams and sung by bass-baritone Gerald Finley in the Adams opera Dr. Atomic (about Robert Oppenheimer and […]

Honor Thy Father And Mother… Or Else

As reported in Saturday’s NY Times, a characteristically are-they-serious take on the 5th Commandment out of Beijing. Clearly ministry officials aren’t reading much Gerhard Forde (ht BJG): On the eve of the Lunar New Year festival, when Chinese flood train stations, bus terminals and airports to reunite with loved ones, one Chinese ministry is proposing […]

Demand, Achievement and Chinese Mothers

A fascinating, challenging, and dare-I-say slightly horrifying article about the superiority of Chinese Mothers in The Wall Street Journal, doubling as a critique of today’s self-esteem-obsessed culture. Enough to make one feel like a dyed-in-the-wool Occidental. The unapologetic emphasis on achievement, while clearly exaggerated here, is congruent with some of the first-generation kids that I […]

Obesity and the Bound Will

NEWS FLASH: there’s a really interesting Mockingbird thread going on right now, started by Jeff Dean and Dave Browder, on a proposed tax on sugar sweetened drinks like Coke. It’s already quite long — take a look! The thoughtful comments started by Herr Browder made me think of an extraordinary cover article in THE ATLANTIC […]

Chinese Weather and the War Between CONTROL and CHAOS

It was big news last summer, when through strategic “cloud-seeding” the Chinese were able to hold an Olympics without rain and Olympic marathoners were able to run without smog. This week, the “Beijing Weather Modification Office” has failed to control the weather on a major scale that has resulted in November snow across the typically […]

Quite Apart From The Holy Ghost – Adrian Mitchell

Many thanks to John Halton for forwarding this devastating poem along, from the recently deceased British beat poet Adrian Mitchell. Talk about (the right kind of) theology from the bottom up! As John points out in his post, the final couplet is a particular killer: I remember God as an eccentric millionaire,Locked in his workshop, […]

The Rage of Virtue

This article popped up in the L.A. Times this morning, much to my surprise. That exploding ethnic tensions in China are just now hitting the news is testament to that particular government’s ability to (at least mostly) control the message coming out of the country. How amazing (tragic?)! Anyway, the politics of the free society […]

WSJ – What would Martin Luther Do?

“Issues, Etc,” the nationally syndicated radio program of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) has been shut down! Dubbed “talk radio for the thinking Christian”, the show, which is based in St. Louis and boasts a wide podcast following, has been canceled, its website terminated, and its hosts killed. Actually, that last part isn’t true, […]