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I am the Rector of St. Thomas' Episcopal Church in Houston, TX. I am also married to a beautiful woman and we have two strapping young sons.

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    Star Wars Reticence

    On this site, it is hard to miss the emphasis on God’s grace and our passivity. Grace as God’s overriding disposition toward the human condition in Christ and passivity as suffering the work of an interested and loving God on His people. All of the grace, celebration, joy, redemption, and catharsis we receive rest on […]

    Reflections on a Notched Gun from Selma

    Over the summer, my father gave me an old, Smith & Wesson Model 10 .38 revolver. His father, who received it as a gift from his best friend, gave it to him. Family lore has it that my grandfather’s friend took it from someone else in an apparent altercation. What makes this interesting is the […]

    The Subtle Horror of Mad Men

    Mad Men is a horror series. There… I said it. I didn’t believe this until recently. My impression was that it was a dark and brooding drama about the desperate and horny realities of life. This was until I had a conversation with a woman who could not watch the show. “Not watch Mad Men?” I thought… […]

    Court of Grace

    Some astounding verse from my good friend Hank Wall, Esquire from Columbia, SC…

    Court of Grace

    A court of grace would have no laws, but brim with broken hearts,

    and flowing there, on stoney ground, would run a crimson tide,

    a tide of love, a tide of tears, in thanks for sacrifice,

    and flowing from the open doors, this tide would be poured out…

    a river of new, unending healing balm, forgiving every doubt…

    awash in answer to His prayers, His mercies, inside-out.

    Knocked Unconscious, Part II

    In the 1950’s, while Great Britain was trying to quickly put World War II behind it, Hammer Horror Studios was doing the nation a great service by doing the opposite in attempting to integrate the suffering it had endured with its present consciousness. The nation had seen two devastating wars, a collapse of its empire, […]

    A Sinner’s College Football Preview

    University of Alabama nose tackle, Jessie Williams, bench-pressed 600 pounds earlier this summer. 600 pounds. That means he bench-pressed the equivalent of two very large interior offensive linemen. This, along with his surprising quickness, bodes extremely well for Williams’s prospects of occupying more than one offensive lineman (thus leaving at least one of our linebackers […]

    Knocked Unconscious, Part I

    When things begin to get real, accurate diagnosis and a true acknowledgment of the situation are typically forthcoming… at least, earnestly desired. This is unswervingly true when one’s own self-interest is at stake. In a recent Wall Street Journal article entitled “What’s in Your Blind Spot”, one’s own financial future and legacy are at stake […]

    Sympathy for the Elder Brother

    In keeping with the excellent article by Tullian Tchividjian over on the Gospel Coalition site about being self-righteous toward the self-righteous; a song by singer/songwriter Chris Knight came to mind. The title of this post was chosen in order to bring to mind the parallels between sympathy toward “elder brother”-types and sympathy for a more […]

    When Happiness Stalks You: Get Huge Like The Hulk!

    For I would have you know, brothers, that the gospel that was preached by me is not man’s gospel. – Galatians 1:11 In honor of the release of The Avengers this week, Muscle & Fitness Magazine has fortified us with another brilliant analogy of the impossibility and allure of the unattainable.  This month’s issue sports an […]

    The Law Kills: A Day in the Life of Werner Herzog’s Housekeeper

    In keeping with Werner Herzog discussing chickens (one of the funniest clips of all time), we now have a letter the famed filmmaker wrote to his housekeeper. I will delay no longer. Rosalina. Woman. You constantly revile me with your singular lack of vision. Be aware, there is an essential truth and beauty in all […]

    Who Put That Hole in My Bucket? The Difference Between Bruce Springsteen and Hank Williams

    A few weeks ago, DZ brought our attention to the terrific keynote speech given by Bruce Springsteen at this year’s South by Southwest festival in Austin, TX this past March, in which he basically spent an hour going over his musical influences. It’s really great. At about the 37 minute-mark, he begins to talk about […]

    Coal: The Power of the Good Father

    In the (by now quite famous in our circles) series of talks given at The Cathedral of the Advent by Professor Rod Rosenbladt on the subject of fatherhood, one of the first insights presented was that of Helmut Thielicke’s The Waiting Father. In this, his work on Jesus’s parables, Thielicke artfully and tragically describes modern […]