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Another Week Ends: Stalin, The Confession App, Forgotten Rights, Exercise Widows, Elton and Billy, Dummies and Clowns

1. A thoughtful if gruesome review on Slate of Timothy Synder’s new book Bloodlands: Europe Between Hitler and Stalin which delves into the perennial question of the relative evil of the two dictators’ crimes. The measurement of evil is a tough question – the Sermon on the Mount notwithstanding (…) – even when cannibalism isn’t […]

Harlem’s Church Tourism

Over at Slate, a fascinating look at “the Bizarre Tourist Trade at Harlem’s Sunday Church Services”, which, as the author suggests, begs a few questions: 1. Is this phenomenon an encouraging one or not? That is, should we be excited that folks who never go to church are going (regardless of their reasons)? Or is […]

Love Songs, the Gospel, and Uncle Kracker

I was driving back to Atlanta tonight and I heard a song that has just inched its way into the charts. It’s called “Smile” by Uncle Kracker (yes, he’s country and to the right). Love songs, in my view, are one of the ways God speaks, a kind of Radio Free Europe broadcast to a […]

"Harvard’s Crisis of Faith"

I read this article on this morning and thought it was worth sharing. There is a debate on Harvard’s campus over whether or not the school should require undergrad students to take at least one class on religion during their time there. Read it here. It is a helpful reminder of how the secular […]

We are all criminals

Middle-class shoppers who have been hit by the recession are stealing hundreds of millions of pounds of expensive food in an effort to maintain their high standard of living, according to a new survey. Quality cuts of meat, fresh fish and high-priced cheeses are being taken by mostly middle-class women from specialty food and convenience […]

Life As Inter-Religious Dialogue

There was a recent citywide referendum here in Berlin that was over the question as to whether students should be allowed to have a choice between an “Ethics” class or a “Religion” class. Historically in Berlin there has been only one option: Ethics. This proposition was overwhelmingly defeated, and Berlin students will not have to […]

Bill Mallonee: If I Should Fall From Grace With God

Bill Mallonee rose to prominence in the 1990s with Vigilantes of Love, an indie rock/alt-country band out of Athens, Georgia. (Their breakout album was Killing Floor, produced by Peter Buck of REM and the amazing Mark Heard.) Paste magazine ranked him #65 in their 100 Greatest Living Songwriters poll. Mallonee’s music is dark, honest, and […]

Coming in November!

WSJ – What would Martin Luther Do?

“Issues, Etc,” the nationally syndicated radio program of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod (LCMS) has been shut down! Dubbed “talk radio for the thinking Christian”, the show, which is based in St. Louis and boasts a wide podcast following, has been canceled, its website terminated, and its hosts killed. Actually, that last part isn’t true, […]