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Currently, I am three years into a four year doctorate in systematic theology under the supervision Dr. Notger Slenczka at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin. I'm pretty much interested in what everyone else is, namely, the concept of lex semper accusat and the debate over the usus legis operate within the theologies of Robert Jenson, Gerhard Forde and Oswald Bayer ;-) Between my graduation from Washington & Lee University in 2000 and Trinity School for Ministry in 2007, I worked for FOCUS (Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools) in Baltimore and Vero Beach, FL. Having served curacies in both Berlin and Austria, he and his wife now live in Louisiville, KY where he is an associate minister at St. Francis in the Fields Episcopal Church. You can hear "All the Gospel that's fit to preach," on my ITunes Podcast: Pelican Pie.

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    It’s Gospel Law the Way Down

    I woke up yesterday morning feeling like I had time traveled 10 years back into the wonderful world of Back then, a group of us were invited by David Zahl to start up a blog dedicated to the exposition of justification by faith alone as understood through the hermeneutical lens of the distinction between […]

    The Reformation Redirection

    Happy Reformation Day. If you’ve been following MBird for a while now, then you’ll not be surprised that we get pretty fired up about Reformation Day, but we might celebrate it a bit differently than you might think. For one, our major concern here is not about any particular church vs. another, or even a set of […]

    A New Bo Giertz Must Have Resource: Then Fell the Lord’s Fire

    In his post “The Whole Debt is Paid,” Tullian Tchividjian–our opening speaker at MBird 2013!–recounts a phenomenon that has changed the way he views ministry. He writes: I have a long way to go (bad habits die slowly, for sure). But a Copernican revolution of sorts has taken place in my own heart regarding the need to preach […]

    Top Semiodiscursive Christian Psychology Book Find of 2012: Foundations for Soul Care

    I know, right, how could I possibly narrow it all down? Through some happily providential occurrences, I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Eric Johnson here in Louisville and of reading his massive tome entitled Foundations for Soul Care: A Christian Psychology Proposal. In this book, Dr. Johnson attempts to bridge the divide between secular […]

    Why Then the Law? Final Thoughts on Final Things

    “Why then the law?” This has been the question that we have been addressing over the past few weeks and have looked ever so briefly at some of the issues surrounding the question in the history of the church. However, as has been pointed out, the Law is certainly not limited to Christian interpretation, as […]

    Why Then the Law? The Persistence of Original Unbelief

    One of the great tragedies of the Christian life is captured in Article 9 of the 39 Articles of Religion in the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. Article 9 is entitled “Of Original or Birth-Sin,” and argues that “Original Sin,” Is not found merely in the following of Adam’s example (as the Pelagians foolishly say). […]

    Why Then The Law? Part 4: Vanity, Mortality, and the Shipwreck of the Soul

    We have come to a point in our discussion where we have ruled out a few of the more traditional ways of misunderstanding the role and function of the law in the life of the world. We have seen that the attempt to do away with the law as something that only applied “back then,” […]

    Why Then The Law? Part 3: Letter, Spirit and Life

    In our last installment, the argument was made that in an attempt to shore up appreciation and respect for the Old Testament—replete with its necessary connections to the history of Israel–by asserting that its importance was found in the fact that it contained the “moral law,” actually ended up helping to marginalize its truly radical claims. By […]

    Why Then The Law? Part 2: Go(o)D Almighty

    To read part one, go here. “Did God really say?” According to Genesis 3, this is the question that has haunted human beings from the beginning of time and has contributed to innumerable flights of speculation into God’s very existence. Is there a God, and how do we know? For the writers of the Old Testament, […]

    Why Then The Law? Part 1: A Lawful Mess

    Throughout the history of the church, the question of the role of the law in the Christian life has been of paramount importance. Indeed, as witnessed to by the writers of the New Testament themselves, the issue was of pressing concern to all involved. In the prologue to John’s Gospel, we hear the radical profession that “the […]

    We Are Bold to Say… The Lord’s Prayer, Pt 7: For Thine Is the Kingdom, The Power and the Glory, For Ever and Ever. . . Amen.

    We’ve come to the end of our 7 part series on the Lord’s Prayer. Over the past few weeks we have seen how the liturgical invitation to this prayer “we are bold to say,”—one familiar to Christians all over the world—truly is a profound and radical confession of how we understand God and ourselves. The […]

    We Are Bold to Say… The Lord’s Prayer, Pt 6: Lead Us Not Into Temptation, But Deliver Us From Evil

    And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  Underlying all theological reflection, and at the center of all religious disputes about “god” lies one fundamental question, namely, does he/she/it to whom and about whom we are speaking actually exist? If so, then, ulitmately, like pesants arguing about the King or citizens arguing […]