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Now What? On the President, the Pandemic, and Love

I remember downtown Buffalo, silent, in the evening, sometime in 1972, before church bells fully and loudly tolled the end of the Vietnam War. I remember my parents telling us of postponed Christmas Parties in the heat of August 1945 after VJ Day. I know how we felt at the end of pregnancies, the graduations […]

Parallel Universes, Politics, and Love

Parallel universes — the semi-serious idea that there are multiple, co-existing and self-contained dimensions of reality — make for fun thought experiments (e.g., is there a universe in which I’m a good dancer?) and are a staple for comic book writers running out of ideas. I’m also starting to think that they provide a useful […]

Putting the Christ in Christian: Do You Feel Uncomfortable Enough?

This post comes to us from Bror Erickson: Christians live in tension and paradox, reflecting the many different maxims of Christ. We are to be in the world but not of the world. We are to lose our lives for Christ so that our lives will be saved. Perhaps the apostle that most exemplified this […]

Batteries Not Included

Hello friends. I’ve just posted the new episode of The Mockingcast, Batteries Not Included,” which, as RJ explains in the prelude, will be our final episode of the year.

Those who follow us on social media know that, just after the cast was recorded, co-host Sarah Condon received some unbelievably tragic news. You can read her message here, but please please please keep Sarah and her family in your prayers.

Given the context, we were a little hesitant to release the episode, but she, RJ, and I are ultimately hopeful that it could speak some comfort to those who are hurting with/for her. It certainly did me. You can listen here. The blurb is as follows:

In which RJ, Sarah, and Dave talk mer-baby mishaps, library impermanence, celebrity pastors, and their increasing distaste for the season of Advent.

  • Click here to read Elizabeth Faidley’s write-up of the Pearl the Mermaid Baby Saga, which includes a picture of you-know-who (you’ve been warned).
  • Click here to read Ben Dolnick’s piece about Library Books.
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  • Click here to read Ruth Graham’s article on the Rise and Fall of Carl Lentz.
  • Click here to read the article on Sad Clowns.
  • Click here to read David French’s column on The Crisis of Christian Celebrity.
  • Click here to read Walter Russell Mead’s meditation on Advent.

Per the announcement at the beginning, you can support The Mockingcast by texting “Mcast” to 77948 (or going here). As always, thank you SO much for listening — thank you even more for praying — and we look forward to coming back at you in 2021.

Stubborn Burros: Why Intrafaith Dialogue May Be More Important Than Interfaith Dialogue

“[A]s far as I’m concerned, he can go to hell.” — President Jimmy Carter on Jerry Falwell, Sept. 1986 Dialogue across social and political lines often seems to get a bad rap these days. I wish I had counted how many of my social media peers had gleefully announced over the past two to three […]

Now Available! Mockingbird’s Law and Gospel, in Spanish / Ahora disponible! La Ley y el Evangelio de Mockingbird: La traducción al español

Early last year, some good news dropped into our inboxes. Mark Friesen, a minister in Peru, was interested in translating our book Law and Gospel into Spanish. We believe the good news is for everybody, but we are, in many ways, limited in our capacity to share it. So what a gift it was to […]

Giving Tuesday Indulgences for Black Friday Guilt

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and then Cyber Monday. For four days we buy, buy, and buy — for others (because we have to) but also for ourselves. Perhaps mostly for ourselves. The frenzy of spending is occasioned by the holiday season, but more and more of us have been self-gifting. With all the […]

Introducing “Dear Gracie”: The Mockingbird‘s Advice Column

Where in your life do you need help giving, receiving, or understanding grace?

In plain English, grace can be understood as a gift with no strings attached. When it arrives, it can be the most powerful surprise in a person’s life. But giving grace to others is harder than it sounds. During our most complicated moments — moments of grief, or a fight with a difficult roommate, or a confrontation with a philandering lover — grace can seem confusing at best. Especially for religious people. Of course we want to be kind, loving, and patient, but truthfully we also want to lay down the law when appropriate.

In the weeds of life, sometimes we all need a little guidance.

The Mockingbird is here to help. In our upcoming issue, we will introduce our first advice column featuring readers’ real-life quagmires. Behind the keyboard is Gracie — that is, Sarah Condon — with an opinion or two.

Send questions, with a pseudonym and general location, to While we can’t promise a response for everything, all emails will be kept confidential. We will only reprint your question, pseudonym, and general location. But no matter your circumstances, the word of Gracie is for everyone.

It’s a Mockingcast Birthday Extravaganza!

Happy birthday to us!! Thank you so much to everyone who wrote in (and continues to write in!) to say how much the cast means to you — the outpouring has been such an encouragement to RJ, Sarah, and myself. And thank you for listening, period. This project is a true labor of love.

The milestone 200th episode is up as of this morning, in which we celebrate by talking soul toupées, American happiness, None elevator pitches, and the compelling perfectionism of Yeshua. Also, Dave comes to grips with his ADD, Sarah starts a new hobby, while RJ serenades them both like some kind of overgrown Dutch choirboy–with the help of the meme to the right.

  • Click here to read about Soul Toupées.
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  • Click here to read Eric Weiner’s piece on what it’s like to be a None.
  • Click here to read a portion of Francis Spufford’s Yeshau chapter from Unapologetic.
  • Click here to read the article Dave mentions about mid-life crises.
  • Click here to read Sarah’s post on Overconfident Men and Underestimating Women.


Now Available! Daily Grace: The Mockingbird Devotional, Vol. 2

Have you heard the news?? After nearly two years of scheming, thinking, devoting, and writing, Daily Grace: The Mockingbird Devotional, Vol. 2 is at last available. This book features 365 entries written by more than sixty different contributors — and a whole lot of grace. You can purchase Daily Grace through our online store and […]

Daily Grace: The Mockingbird Devotional, Vol. 2 NOW Shipping!

Click HERE to purchase!

God’s Hands Across America

In 1986, there was a nation-wide campaign called Hands Across America, in which 5 million people held hands in a human chain for fifteen minutes along a path across the continental United States. It took a staff of 400 people and a slew of celebrity cameos nine months to prepare and publicize. The event was […]