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Good News For People Who Love Bad News

Watching the News While Reading the Bible

Sure Could Use A Little Good News

This one was written by news junkie Greg Gelburd. So often the morning news is terrible, terrible. A young son is killed by a stray bullet in the street. Drone attacks in Yemen are “successful,” and while an ISIS leader is killed, so are his family of five children and wife; there are photos of their grieving […]

What Is News (And What Isn’t)

A lot of people were talking about Facebook last week. Besides Chewbacca Woman, its Trending News platform was, well, trending. Despite the fact that, in the epoch of FoxNews and HuffPo, news like this should never be news to anyone, the ‘news’ was leaked that Facebook uses hired editors over their algorithms to select which […]

Book Review: "Good News for Anxious Christians" by Phillip Cary

In the ever-shifting landscape of American Evangelicalism, it seems that many people are attempting to correct what they perceive to be failures in the system. Everyone thinks something is wrong and whatever it is, it needs to be fixed now. Within this debate, Phillip Cary’s book “Good News for Anxious Christians“, provides an unique diagnostic […]

Ideas or the Human Heart?

From a BBC news flash yesterday: Pope Benedict has rejected the idea of collective Jewish guilt for Jesus Christ’s death, in a new book to be published next week. Tackling an issue that has led to centuries of persecution, the Pope argues there is no basis in scripture for the Jewish people to be blamed. […]

Women Are More Forgiving Than Men?

At long last, the truth is out! A brief and very interesting but – let’s face it – pretty inconsequential report from Medical News Today, concerning a study from The University of the Basque Country, ht JD: According to the study, parents forgive more than children, while women are better at forgiving than men… “A […]

Sharing the Good News?

Top MBird News Pieces of 2010

In the age of the 24 hour news cycle, here are my picks for Mockingbird’s Top News Stories of 2010 10) The Rent is too Damn High, November 2010 Jimmy McMillan, candidate for Mayor of NYC, has found the solution to all of New York’s problems. The rent is just too damn high. Take the […]

Michael’s Michael

So today marks the release of Michael Jackson’s first “real” posthumous record, Michael, and the verdict is predictably mixed. It’s certainly not the tour-de-force he was rumored to be working on in the years leading up to his death (high profile collaborations, for example with and Ne-Yo, are nowhere to be found), but it […]

Another Week Ends: Self-Evangelism, Jay-Z, Paradoxes, Susan Boyle, NASA, Friday Night Lights

1. Another scorcher from our 2011 NYC conference speaker Mark Galli entitled “Evangelizing Ourselves”, in which he unwittingly sums up much of our operating philosophy: How do we talk about our faith without making others feel denigrated or angry? For one, we can talk about our faith so that everyone feels equally denigrated and equally […]

Mere Anglicanism 2011

The 2011 Mere Anglicanism conference this year is held in thanksgiving for the faithful witness of Bishop C. FitzSimons Allison to the Word of God’s Grace. It will be held at St. Phillips Church in Charleston S.C. January 20-23. Some of Mockingbird’s favorite theologians will be speaking at the conference. This is one of my […]

MJ Breaks The News

Old news by now, but slightly dated beat aside, it’s a fantastic tune, and a great blast of vintage MJ-victimhood spleen-venting:  True, it may not be for us to know the times or dates the Father has set, but occasionally we catch a glimpse: only 34 days until MICHAEL is released! [Click here to watch part […]