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The Upside-Down Notion of an “Absolute Hero”

This week’s sports post comes from Mockingbird contributor Jonathan Adams: Like (I’m sure) many of us, these past few weeks I’ve been dutifully doing something that I literally never do – watching women’s soccer on TV. I’ve been watching the US matches in the World Cup. I don’t claim to know much about soccer, but […]

A Mockingbird World Cup Review (So Far)

I gave myself whiplash celebrating a USA goal. When Jermaine Jones scored in the 64th minute for the US to even the score at 1-1 with Portugal, I raised my fists and snapped my head back so rapidly as I roared that I had quite the headache, and was left massaging my neck. Yes, it […]

A Mockingbird Guide to the World Cup

I was nine. It was the summer of 2002 in the early hours of the morning that the US shocked Mexico in the Round of 16 in the World Cup to advance to the quarterfinal. The excitement was electric. Nobody had expected it, but the cries of “U-S-A! U-S-A!” filled the room. It was the […]

Redemption and the goal that woke up America

It was evident today as I was watching the USA vs. Algeria in soccer that we (the USA) were gonna lose. I gave up after watching Dempsey get called for off-sides and a goal being disallowed.

BUT, redemption happens. See, we believe that God works when we are dead. When it is over, there might just be a chance. And that is exactly what happened today for US soccer. Just when you think it is over, life begins.

Spiritual, Not Religious (and Vice Versa)

A new poll published in USA Today yesterday reveals the 72% of “millennials” consider themselves more “spiritual than religious”. The article is worth reading, sort of – haven’t we been hearing about this for decades? A couple of takeaways include: “The more precisely you try to measure their Christianity, the fewer you find committed to […]

I’ve Been Consulting My WWJD Bracelet All Day And It Just Won’t Answer Me!

From a USA Today article entitled “Choice Bus Shows Students Two Sides Of Education”:

Anderson says, “I want to be somebody who makes something out of my life and not be in prison. I tell kids to think about what kind of child you want your mother to have, a prison child or someone who makes good choices in life.” (Yikes. Good luck, kids!)

Leonard Cohen And The Glory Story Bumper Sticker Reflex Part I

Not A Marble Arch Or Victory March I’m a little slow on the draw on this one but anyone else see the Olympics opening ceremonies? KD Lang sang a rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” (a song popularized by Jeff Buckley). I know I’m over-thinking it, but to me, this moment was a perfect example of […]

To Make You Feel My Love

A beautiful remake of a Dylan classic When the rain is blowing in your faceAnd the whole world is on your caseI would offer you a warm embraceTo make you feel my love When the evening shadows and the stars appearAnd there is no one to dry your tearsI could hold you for a million […]

10 Favorite Non-Album U2 Tracks

The band is back in the spotlight in a major way this week, with the release of their new record and their stint on Letterman. Needless to say, it’s put me in a serious U2 phase. But having heard their more well-known songs so many times, I find myself digging deeper and deeper into the […]

On Evangelism

Last week David Browder posted a fascinating video of Penn (of Penn and Teller fame) sharing about a positive experience of being proselytized. I found it tremendously inspiring and very appropriate for the (church) season of Epiphany. Since this season is all about God making himself known to the world as its Savior, one of […]

The Bond Market talks Original Sin

The short story here is that developing counties are no longer able to issue debt in their own currency, but have to issue in dollars. When a developing country issues debt in dollars, they can no longer print their own currency to pay off the debt, but they need to redeem it with dollars. Issuing […]

Jesus as James Bond

Bond is back! Quantum of Solace proved to be an excellent Bond movie, well worth the ticket price, but this James Bond is a different sort of hero. No longer is he the Bond we’ve grown to love through countless USA network James Bond Marathons. He has less sex, makes fewer jokes, and manages to […]