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    Bagdad Christians Return to Their Church

    I was nearly brought to tears when I read this article in this morning’s NY Times about Christians in Bagdad. It’s an extremely moving account of the Gospel at work in the face of outright persecution. 

    “This gives us more strength,” said Sama Wadie, 32, a teacher, his hand wrapped in a bandage. “We’re not afraid of death because Jesus died for us. Of course we cry, but they’re tears of happiness, because we die for God.”

    Floyd Little #44 and the Gospel

    Floyd Little caught me on Saturday evening as I was watching the NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Sandwiched between the great Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith, he outshone them all. Why? Because he did what neither of them did. He did not preach about his own success. He did not tout his own greatness. […]

    Redemption and the goal that woke up America

    It was evident today as I was watching the USA vs. Algeria in soccer that we (the USA) were gonna lose. I gave up after watching Dempsey get called for off-sides and a goal being disallowed.

    BUT, redemption happens. See, we believe that God works when we are dead. When it is over, there might just be a chance. And that is exactly what happened today for US soccer. Just when you think it is over, life begins.

    Andy Rooney and New Year Resolutions

    So Andy has something great to say about New Year’s Resolutions. However, I want to propose that this may actually be another form of Law. I wonder, if each of us followed his example, would we indeed do that which we have never done (because it would weigh on our minds and, in fact, lead us to do that which we would have never done) if not for resolving to never do it…

    Andy And The New Year–check it out.

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    The Amazing Race and LAW

    I am a person who is always a week behind on TV. So I just watched last weeks Amazing Race and this episode had a great scene about how the law just destroys people. Check it out..