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Howie Espenshied currently is the Campus Priest at Georgia Tech for Anglican Campus Fellowship (ACF). He is (though still living) survived by his wife Dina, and 3 adult children - Rachel, Emily, and Ace, and 3 grandchildren - Isaac, EB, & AC. email: Twitter: @HowieEspenshied

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    Ted Lasso is the Life Coach We Need

    Hidden gems abound in this Streaming Age of TV. Who would have thought that Jason Sudakis and Zach Braff could come up with such a delightful sports sitcom? On Apple TV, Ted Lasso, is a show about a successful “American” college football coach at the lower levels who is brought in to coach a Premier […]

    Sports in 2020 — and Beyond

    Spectators are sparse in number these days on our professional sports landscape, unless you count the camera people and the folks caring for the grass, lest it be trampled. Those blades of grass (or “shards of tire” in the NFL) are our first and only responding witnesses in the front row right now. Fans? Well, […]

    Godliness Cozies Up to Our Mess

    I have struggled lately to be patient with messy people. If I’m honest, I have likely always struggled with this, but I see it acutely now. My faith (as I evolve in my understanding of it) continually drags me back to important truth — everyone deserves love, everyone and everything is likely redeemable, and cleanliness […]

    Lilian “Bloodworth”: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

    A Woman Who Lived up to Her Name

    A Top Ten TV List for the Decade

    The following is not a definitive list or an official “Mockingbird list” — it’s just my list. Responses are welcome below! Criteria: Must be a scripted TV series (no reality shows or documentaries, etc.) Series must have “begun” in 2010 or later (hence why you don’t see Breaking Bad) Shows with much love here at […]

    Praise Be!!! … Indeed …

    The Handmaid’s Tale, streaming on Hulu, is not for the faint of heart, y’all. I’d argue, though, that it’s worth the ride. “HMT” rejects the instincts in us that reduce religion to a power-play, useful only for control and exploitation. It also embraces the Gospel. If you’re privy to the main story, you know that […]

    Jesus Didn’t Have a Pen

    It struck me last week (not sure how, or why) that Jesus didn’t have a pen. St. Luke apparently had a pen. He had to write prescriptions. Did they have prescriptions back then? Certainly to be the “Dear and Glorious Physician” one would have to have a pen, or a quill, or a facsimile thereof. […]

    Justice, Serena Style

    She is not playin’, sports fans, even when she’s playin’. That’s what I have come to love about Serena Williams. She’s been one of the top five athletes in the world for years now, but she has never stopped being Serena. If you haven’t heard about the U.S. Open Women’s Final from Saturday in Flushing […]

    The Nike Swoo(p)

    Can I just go right there? It’s okay if you disagree with me, it’s an opinion. The Star Spangled Banner is a crappy song. How many times have we watched talented singers anywhere from the Super Bowl to 8-year-old Pop Warner football go a capella and try to knock this ridiculous tune out of the […]

    The Best of Us, “The Americans,” Might Be Russian…

    What’s more important? Figuring out who we serve? Or figuring out whose we are? True confession: I’m not moved much to action or opinion regarding our current political landscape. (This is not a political post; for that to be so, it would presuppose that I much care.) Mid-term primaries in our troubled times don’t interest […]

    “Three Billboards” – A Prologue to a Road Trip

    The older I get, the more I’m learning how much I love “origin stories.” How did Captain America come to be? How did the new friend I just made come to be so delightful and gregarious, and awesome? Why does my next door neighbor always draw the shades and act so reclusive? Whether it’s a […]

    “Chip in My Brain”: This American Life Buried the Lede

    Like many here at Mockingbird, I’m a big fan of This American Life and Serial/S-Town and all of those NPRish, WBEC Chicago Public Radio podcasts. I’ve been listening to the TAL podcasts for going on four years now, and “Chip in My Brain” (Jan 13, 2018) is the most compelling to date, for me. That’s a huge compliment […]