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A Sinner’s College Football Preview

University of Alabama nose tackle, Jessie Williams, bench-pressed 600 pounds earlier this summer. 600 pounds. That means he bench-pressed the equivalent of two very large interior offensive linemen. This, along with his surprising quickness, bodes extremely well for Williams’s prospects of occupying more than one offensive lineman (thus leaving at least one of our linebackers […]

Championships By Grace (Not Works)

With the dawn of every football season, every team (however unrealistic it may be) begins with hopes of claiming the BCS national championship. As the season progresses, they desire to maintain a position whereby they “control their own destiny.” This term, often used in sports, means that a team relies on no external factors for […]

College Football Message Boards… and Sanctification

One of my favorite pastimes (addictions) is surfing message board related to Alabama football, predominantly TiderInsider and BamaOnline. I love scouring the threads for inside information about player development, recruiting, coaching changes, and SEC rumors. The world of football message boards can be toxic, erratic, and exhilarating all at the same time. When Alabama loses […]