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Cameron Cole is the director of student ministries at the Cathedral Church of the Advent in Birmingham, AL and the chairman of Rooted: A Theology Conference for Student Ministry. He edits The Rooted Blog: Encouraging Grace-Driven Student Ministry.

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    Ordinary People: The Only Possible Path to Healing in Sorrow and Tragedy

    Many people say there is no wrong way to grieve. Every person mourns differently and to try to prescribe a formula that fits all is foolish. Indeed, those in mourning need to be given a great deal of grace, freedom, and patience. However, there is one horribly wrong way to grieve, a way that can […]

    Bumper Stickers and Background Screens: Reflections on Losing a Child

    Our bumper stickers and computer backgrounds reveal so much about us. Through the college team logo, the institution we attended, a political cause, or images of loved ones, we tell the world so much about what we love, desire, and stand for. I have often considered what the picture displayed on my own screen represents […]

    Eminem Writes the Textbook on Reconciliation… Sort Of

    When I teach students about reconciliation, I start with an unexpected source: Eminem. Believe it or not, his new track, “Headlights,” serves not only as a musical olive branch to his mother but as a beautiful example of human reconciliation. At the same time, the rapper demonstrates an interesting deviation from this approach when he […]

    Even Lebron James Needs Help, or Heat Hate and the Offensiveness of the Gospel

    God forgive me, I detest the Miami Heat. As I watched the Heat cap off another championship, I fumed with anger, and I don’t really even care about NBA basketball. The only times I turned on the NBA Playoffs was when it appeared that a team may take down the franchise that I despise more […]

    Hugo, Rooted, and the Orphaned Teenage Heart

    The protagonist in the movie Hugo offers valuable insight into the primal motivation at the core of every soul.  Hugo, an orphan in Paris, engages in a persistent – almost obsessive – endeavor to repair an automaton, which his father worked on before dying during Hugo’s childhood. Unknown to the audience for much of the movie, Hugo’s […]

    Championships By Grace (Not Works)

    With the dawn of every football season, every team (however unrealistic it may be) begins with hopes of claiming the BCS national championship. As the season progresses, they desire to maintain a position whereby they “control their own destiny.” This term, often used in sports, means that a team relies on no external factors for […]

    The Voice and Gabriel Biel

    To counter ABC’s reality dominance with American Idol, NBC has launched (and hyped) a new vocal competition show, called The Voice. NBC’s angle involves selecting the candidates purely based on vocal performance- not stage presence and sex appeal- by having contestants audition for celebrity voice coaches, who sit with their backs turned to the vocalist. If […]

    Conference Preview: Romantic Reality and the Theology of the Cross for a Postmodern Generation

    Nothing screams for the Theology of the Cross like The Bachelor, The Kardashians, and Teen Mom. In this workshop, Romantic Reality and the Theology of the Cross for a Postmodern Generation, we will look at  today’s uniquely postmodern youth culture through the lens of reality television and romantic comedies. Then we will examine how Martin […]

    College Football Message Boards… and Sanctification

    One of my favorite pastimes (addictions) is surfing message board related to Alabama football, predominantly TiderInsider and BamaOnline. I love scouring the threads for inside information about player development, recruiting, coaching changes, and SEC rumors. The world of football message boards can be toxic, erratic, and exhilarating all at the same time. When Alabama loses […]

    Burn, Babywise, Burn!

    Perhaps, it’s just a product of sleep deprivation. Maybe it’s my tendency to use hyperbole. Possibly, it’s accumulated stress of four months with an infant. But let me just say this with a straight face: if there is actually fire in hell, my wife and I have some books about infant sleep habits, and I’m […]

    30 for 30: Marcus Dupree, Theologian of the Cross

    The crown jewel of the brilliant ESPN documentary collection, 30 for 30, has to be The Best That Never Was. At least for me. The documentary chronicles the life of Marcus Dupree, perhaps the greatest running back ever in high school football. Dupree was the center of the most heated recruiting frenzy in the history […]

    Cam Newton, Michael Vick, and the Economy of Forgiveness

    Two electric, sensational quarterbacks defined both college and professional football in 2010. At the professional level, Michael Vick realized the unbelievable potential that he showed glimpses of at Virginia Tech and in Atlanta, taking the Philadelphia Eagles to first place in the NFC East. Meanwhile, Cam Newton had one of the greatest seasons in the […]