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Giving In to Screens and Finding Home

Screens feel unavoidable these days. Sure, there are the walks and the socially distanced conversations. But the laundry, cooking, cleaning, and care taking feel like an endless parenting treadmill that just hit the incline button. And so, for better or worse, our rest from this weary world is happening on screens. Lately, we have watched […]

Grace at a Funeral: A Father’s Day Reflection

When it was his turn to speak, I didn’t even recognize him. I hadn’t seen him in 30 years. Making his way to the podium, he paused and genuflected before my father’s casket before sharing his reflections of having known my dad. His name is Ryan Sattler and he and his family had lived directly […]

A New Cup: Shots of Grace for Every Transition

Grateful for this post from Casey Wilson: Life throws us transitions. Some can feel like they come out of nowhere and some come because of choices we make. Regardless, transitions are a part of being human and they come in many forms, such as new jobs, relationships, diagnoses, pandemics, and more. Transitions exist as an […]

God of Our (Lonely) Fathers

A few months ago, standup comedian John Mulaney had a brilliant opening monologue on Saturday Night Live in which he dove headfirst into the modern plights of fatherhood. Mulaney’s technique, unlike Emily Dickinson, is to tell the truth so bluntly that you really just have to laugh at the fact that someone had the gall […]

Under Robert E. Lee’s Shadow: Growing Up in The Lost Cause

It was announced last Thursday that the six story tall statue of Robert E. Lee on Richmond Virginia’s Monument Avenue is going to be removed. It is a response to the murder of George Floyd and the following week of protests and riots in the city. The news says that the rest of the Confederate […]

Good Luck With That Self-Sufficiency You Speak Of

Jesus invited us to a dance, but we have turned it into a march of soldiers. – Steve Brown, A Scandalous Freedom One of my favorite parts of the daily liturgy I read comes at the beginning of the evening liturgy, which I always read at some point in the afternoon–a time when I’ve exhausted […]

500 Miles and 40 Years of Healing

Thankful for this one from Joseph McSpadden. I have been rescued by music on more than one occasion. Several times the Comforter has used a song as a way to open me up, and bring healing. This is one story of how He showed up in melodies when I felt most abandoned. My father was […]

Grandmommy’s Grace

This one comes to us from Will Ryan. My birthday, May 14th, has always been a source of pride for me. It’s not a particularly momentous day in the grand scheme of things, but in the particular year I was born, that day happened to be Mother’s Day. I’ve always reveled in being able to […]

Our Souls House Many Homes

For a period in 2013-14, I lost my sense of time and place. There had been too much travel. That spring, I’d happily but hectically gone to post-war Northern Uganda to do six weeks of fieldwork for my master’s thesis. It was one of the calmest places I’d ever been, characterized by a feeling of […]

The Freedom to Do Nothing

Gnawing Guilt and Guiltless Grace

God Help Them: Details Written (and Unwritten) in a Grandmother’s Diary

Handwritten Homeschool History and a Comforting Invocation

The Un-Sentimentality of Love

Motherhood is a Bear, Really