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Brad is a Christian husband and father adamantly resolved to sharing the glad tidings of God’s gospel of “grace upon grace.” Whether through the written or spoken word, his priority remains upholding and proclaiming the good news of Christ’s passion and resurrection for lost and broken people. He currently ministers as the Assistant Pastor of a Baptist church in Southwest Ranches, Florida, where he lives with his wife Natalie and daughter Lydia.

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    It’s Not Up to You

    You have to believe me when I say that it’s not my intent to carry on eviscerating children’s television. I’m only in my late-twenties but I fear my online persona at times comes across too curmudgeonly. Nevertheless, the vocals from my 2-year-old’s favorite Disney Junior show recently assaulted my eardrums…and my theology. I’m no stranger […]

    God Loves Dark Comedies

    I’ve recently decided that God has a unique affinity for dark comedies. His sense of humor seems sadistic at times. Perhaps you find that an unscrupulous statement bred in the waters of sacrilege. But I assure you, God is smiling in the storm. At least, that’s how I’ve looked up and seen him lately. You […]

    The Economics of the Incarnation

    I don’t like the axiom, “Remember the reason for season.” While the commercialization of Christmas has superseded the meaning of the season, it’s not society’s job to get the season right — it’s the church’s. Instead of getting irate over a culture that fails to appreciate what Christmas means, perhaps it’s time to look in […]

    A Better Promise Than a Better You

    The fall season has finally come and you know what that means? Football. Pumpkin spice everything. Apple keynotes. A few weeks ago, Apple, Inc. CEO Tim Cook took the stage to show off the latest generation of wearables and handhelds from the minimalistic tech company. This year’s crop of devices featured slightly upgraded internals with […]

    Everything for Nothing: The Berenstain Bears and the Black Hole of Pressure

    Fatherhood has become my most cherished title. I love being a dad and watching my daughter grow and learn and play and become who she is. Fatherhood has also, though, baptized me in the waters of children’s television, which, if you’re unfamiliar, is a genre of entertainment rife with princesses, anthropomorphic animals, and seemingly no […]

    The Futility of Folly, the Frailty of Life, & Death’s Evening Score

    It is indisputable that Ecclesiastes is one of the most bizarre books in the canon of Scripture. This extended journal entry of sorts opens to us the mind of one of the greatest humans to ever walk this earth. Great not necessarily for his morality (which was often wanting) but for his achievements and advancements […]

    Pithy Preachers Proclaiming Perplexing Epigrams: On Preaching, the Pulpit, & Thomas Guthrie’s Christ and the Inheritance of the Saints

    It’s a turn of phrase that I’ve seen around the Internet and various other places in the past, but only recently has it been actually uttered to my face. I wouldn’t have thought much of it but it was said twice in a few short days and it got me to thinking about how prevalent […]

    Push Notification Masochism: Killing Ourselves & Boasting in Our Busyness

    Twitter’s no longer on my phone. Yep, I deleted it. I’m not saying that so you can see how much better I am at self-control than you are. (I know my own heart enough to know for sure that’s not the case.) Nor am I saying that to sound super-spiritual or Puritanical in my devotional […]

    Kids, Camels, Needles & the Righteousness of the Law

    Something my dad has said many times before, and something that I don’t think I’ll forget anytime soon, is that the keys to good biblical interpretation happen to also be the same 3 basic rules in real estate: (1) Location, (2) Location, and (3) Location. Or to put this in hermeneutical terms, we might say, Context, […]

    Jennifer Lawrence, the Irony of Normalcy, and the Righteousness of Faith

    She caught our eye in 2007 on a short-lived network comedy. Then, she broke through with an independent drama in 2010 that earned her national acclaim and attention. She flew into the stratosphere and became the mega-star we know and love with a summer blockbuster in 2012, the success of which she’s likely still riding […]