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Brad Gray is the senior pastor of Stonington Baptist Church in Paxinos, Pennsylvania (, where he lives and serves with his wife Natalie, daughter Lydia, and son Braxton. He is currently pursuing an M.Div. from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He blogs regularly at and hosts a podcast, “Ministry Minded.”

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    The House That Who Built?

    I don’t agree with everything Fr. Stephen Freeman publishes on his blog, Glory to God for All Things, neither can I vouch for all the assertions he makes in his vast library of writings. After all, he operates in a ministerial context on the verge of the polar opposite side (doctrinally) from where I minister. […]

    The Sweet Smell of Sanctification by Grace

    The Febreze of the Spirit is Given to None Other than Smelly Sinners

    The Tragic Symmetry of Star Wars and the Grace of Failure

    “The Greatest Teacher, Failure Is.”

    Torn Ligaments, Broken Dreams, and Abundant Grace

    On Getting Older, Knee Replacements, and Identity beyond Basketball

    Bo Burnham and a Cameo of Happiness

    Kanye Rants, Anxiety, and the Insatiable Search for Meaning and Happiness

    Tolkien’s Advice for Preachers

    Beyond Reason: A Myth Not Easily Pinned

    Up All Night With the One Who Never Sleeps

    Reflections by a Pastor Who Chose a Heckuva Time to Lead a Church

    On 1917 and the Sacrifice of Life

    By now you have more than likely heard about this flick called 1917. It is a World War I epic directed by Sam Mendes which tells the historical-fiction tale of two British soldiers, charged with carrying an urgent message across enemy lines in order to stave off an imminent attack that would otherwise end up […]

    You Smell Like Sheep

    We live in a divided world. The latest convention is almost always a catalyst for taking sides. Android versus iPhone. Taylor Swift verse Beyoncé. LeBron versus Jordan. The Last Jedi versus all the other Star Wars. Liberal versus conservative. Humanity’s thirst to belong thrives across industrial realms. And it’s this quest for belonging that has […]

    Successful People Don’t Sleep

    Steve Harvey is one of those pop-culture personalities so associated with his later-in-life career that his rise to fame is all but forgotten. If you asked the average millennial who Steve Harvey is and what does he do, the vast majority would tell you about his run as host of the daytime gameshow Family Feud. […]

    A Bar Too High and Too Heavy

    I may seem like nothing but an already crotchety almost-thirty-something who has resigned himself to the “armchair analysis” stage of athletic participation. And while that holds more than a modicum of truth (a ruptured ACL and chronic back problems will do that), I also contend that the advent of fitness culture is, indeed, religious, and […]

    It’s Not Up to You

    You have to believe me when I say that it’s not my intent to carry on eviscerating children’s television. I’m only in my late-twenties but I fear my online persona at times comes across too curmudgeonly. Nevertheless, the vocals from my 2-year-old’s favorite Disney Junior show recently assaulted my eardrums…and my theology. I’m no stranger […]