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Ben Maddison is the rector of Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Wenonah, NJ. Ben's a South Jersey native, with all the rights and privileges thereunto appertaining (i.e. rooting for losing sports teams.) He's married to Ashley Maddison (yes you read that correctly...we gambled on a name change and lost) and the father of two fur-children, Roxy and Rufio. When he's not viewing movies indiscriminately, he's reminiscing about his long-time, childhood, wish to be Wendy from Peter Pan (don't ask). He's interested in all the ways that culture and grace intersect.

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    Mary Definitely Knew

    They brought the baby to our doorstep. Five days old. Directly from the hospital. One outfit. Four pre-made bottles. A handful of diapers. A package of wipes. And a packet of papers that offered no definitive judgment on the proper pronunciation of her name. “I think it’s…” the social worker said. “I’m pretty sure.” A […]

    The Weight of Masculinity, Toxic or Otherwise

    In our house, emotions were embraced. I was never told that “boys don’t cry”; it was never implied that men hide their emotions. When your dad is a professional opera-singing pastor-psychologist, and your mother a high-powered hospital executive, you get different messages than most about gender norms. As if you needed proof: my parents let […]