A major thank you to everyone who helped put on this past weekend’s conference in New York! We could not be happier or more grateful for how it all went. We are offering the recordings free of charge again this year; we only ask that those who were not able to attend this year *consider* making a donation to Mockingbird to help cover the cost of the event. Download links are followed by an in-line player for each recording.

Thursday April 19th

Devotion 1 – Jacob Smith

“The Zoolander Antidote: Telling the Truth (About You)” – Aaron Zimmerman

Friday April 20th

Devotion 2 – Jacob Smith

“A Lucky Break: How Grace Frees Us From Being Control Freaks” – Michael Horton

Breakout Sessions A:

Grace in (Sexual) Addiction: Honesty and Freedom in a Cyber-Connected World – Jay Haug

People Are Strange: Modern Family, the Un-Free Will and the Roots of Compassion – RJ Heijmen

A Breakout Session About Nothing: Human Nature, Humor and Seinfeld – David Zahl

This American Gospel: Public Radio Parables and the Honesty of God – Ethan Richardson

Devotion 3 – Jacob Smith

“Hans, Franz and the Truth about God” – Aaron Zimmerman

Breakout Sessions B

Disarming Parenthood: Love and Forgiveness with Young Children – Melina Smith

How Did You Find Me Here? Fear and Rescue in American Music – Ethan Richardson

Light When All Is Dark: Mental Illnesses and Christian Hope – Kathryn Greene McCreight [for reasons of confidentiality, this session was not recorded]

Mockingbird at the Movies: Hollywood’s Love Affair with Love – Nick Lannon. The clips Nick uses can be viewed here (much recommended!).

Breakout Sessions C

The Future of the Gospel: A Theological Discussion with Michael Horton – Jady Koch

CORAM DEO: An ‘umble Poetry Reading and Discussion – Brad Davis

PZ’s Podcast Reception Address – Paul Zahl

Saturday April 21st

Devotion 4 – Jacob Smith

“Bent and Broken: Theological Origins of the Blues” – Michael Horton

“Glad and Sorry: Gospel Modesty in an Age of Anxiety” – David Zahl

Closing Q&A – Michael Horton, David Zahl and Aaron Zimmerman