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What a Teen Soap Opera Taught Me About the Meritocracy

College has Become so Important to our Culture Because it Promises the Best Shot at Controlling What is Specifically Uncontrollable: the Future.

Super Bowl Psychology, 2021 — What Our Advertisements Say About Us

For One Night, We Got to Watch Football and Receive the Gift of Escape, via Laughter and Sentiment.

Norman Rockwell, Ted Lasso, and Isaiah’s Coup de Grâce

I received a remarkable gift for Christmas, the kind a grown man shares on Instagram. No, not the mint condition New Wave Dave that one brother gave me. I’m referring to something from the other brother, a print of Norman Rockwell’s 1957 painting, “Lift Up Thine Eyes.” Perhaps you’ve seen it. In classic Rockwell style, […]

What Do You Live For?

The Search for Fulfillment in the Limitless Possibilities of Young Adulthood, as Told by Search Party

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“Without Your Wound Where Would Your Power Be?”

The Supporting Cast of Avatar’s Redemptive World

Toph, Azula, the Order of the White Lotus, and Others

The Hell Houses We Will Not Leave

What does this Pandemic-Meets-Election-Meets-Halloween Moment Feel like if not like our Greatest Fears Strewn Across the Front Yard?

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