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Ted Lasso is the Life Coach We Need

Hidden gems abound in this Streaming Age of TV. Who would have thought that Jason Sudakis and Zach Braff could come up with such a delightful sports sitcom? On Apple TV, Ted Lasso, is a show about a successful “American” college football coach at the lower levels who is brought in to coach a Premier […]

No Mercy: The Bittersweet Victory of Cobra Kai

I’m as surprised as you are that my favorite summer show turned out to be a sequel to an 80s karate flick styled as prestige TV. Formerly hidden away on YouTube’s premium subscription video service, Cobra Kai dropped on Netflix this weekend, bringing the world of The Karate Kid franchise to the small screen. It’s […]

All the Lies I’ve Believed about the Spectrum (and the Truth)

All your sorrows have been wasted on you if you have not yet learned how to be wretched. – Seneca I just finished a binge of Netflix’s Love on the Spectrum, and the series was everything it was recommended to be: heartfelt, honest, and sweet. There was the added bonus that it was filmed in […]

Watching Alone Together: What a Survival Show Taught Me About Quarantine

If there’s one common thread among quarantine experiences these days, it is the feeling of being stuck inside one’s head. As long as your physical survival is not in immediate danger, there is plenty of space to dwell on the hypothetical world of regrets and what-if scenarios. I, for one, have been languishing for months […]

Self-Care for My Inner Child and Me

Not to rub it in, but we’re in better shape over here in Australia than you are in America (pandemic-wise). But I’m still smarting from the effects of lockdown and, in particular, homeschooling — although I know that both could re-emerge at any moment. When the lockdown walls first began closing in, I knew that […]

Scrubbing the Guilt Away: Ramy and the Scales of Righteousness

“Religion can be kind of crazy,” comedian and actor Ramy Yousseff quipped during his monologue on the Colbert report back in 2017. Two and a half years later, the Egyptian American’s one-liner has found fertile soil in his self-titled Hulu original series, Ramy, where Yousseff plays a not-so-fictionalized character of himself navigating career, family, relationships, […]

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