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PZ’s April Movie Picks, Part One

A Collection of Classic Movies Featuring Christian themes and the Dynamics of Grace.

Her Grace Is All She Has

The World Wanted Her to Change, So She Left It.

The Passion of Rocky Balboa

Life is Suffering, and it is Against This Harsh and Unchangeable Truth That Rocky Must Struggle.

There Are No Wolves on Wall Street: On Slowly Losing Ourselves

We Muddle into our Personal and Collective Messes a Little Bit at a Time.

Why Do Men Cry Watching Sports Movies?

Sports Movies Touch a Truth Deeply Hidden in the Male Psyche: An Overwhelming Sense of Inadequacy.

PZ’s March Movie Picks

Gone with the Wind, The Dunwich Horror, and more!

Allured into the Desert: Finding Grace for the Journey in Nomadland

God has a Purpose for Leading His People into the Desert: He has Something to Say.

This Will All Make Sense When I Am Older

Why a Song from a Disney Princess Movie Is Probably My Favorite Song of the Pandemic

PZ’s February Movie Picks

A Guide to Paul Zahl’s Top Picks from the Turner Classic Movies Airing in February

When God Went Silent

On Trying to Connect with God through a Silent Retreat and Sound of Metal

The Roots of Addiction and Sound of Metal

What Happens when the Foundation of Recovery Comes Crashing Down?

Jazzing (and Baking) in the New Year with Pixar’s Soul

On Amounting to Something, Regular Old Living, and Peace