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Footloose and Finally Free

This one penned by our friend Jenoa Saplin. Since I’ve had the pleasure of much more free time than usual, I’ve been filling up some of that time with movies I’ve never seen,  and so, yesterday I watched Footloose for the first time. Because I don’t live under a rock, I knew the plot to […]

Life in the Time of Coronavirus: What to Do in Quarantine

With the fate of our world currently resting in the hands of infectious disease expert Mike Pence (just kidding! It’s still in God’s hands), life seems to be hanging by a thread. Or a square of toilet paper, if you will, which is something I just bought a 24-pack of as it was unloaded off […]

Fathers, Nightmare Clowns, and a Pity Still More Vast

Shia LeBeouf wrote Honey Boy during rehab in 2017. The screenplay unearths the damage of a troubled childhood and his riven relationship with an abusive father. Complexifying this quasi-biopic, LeBeouf plays the role of his father, fictionally named James Lort. Lucas Hedges and Noah Jupe split time as his son Otis, the grown and adolescent […]

Keep Watch, Dear Lord: Life Behind “The Neighbors’ Window”

The beauty of the short film is that it can provide the same amount of catharsis of a full-length movie while demanding far less of a time commitment. At this point in my life, it feels as if the genre exists solely for parents of young children, for those of us who can fall asleep […]

Miss Americana and the Heartbreaking Impossibility of Being Good

When I watched the new documentary about Taylor Swift, Miss Americana, I couldn’t help but see some of the elements from the story of my life portrayed in the story of her life. I know that sounds silly. I’m a 44-year-old mom of two teenagers who hasn’t been out past 10PM in months, years. I’m […]

Run to the Rescue with Love: Joaquin Phoenix’s Hollywood Sermon

I have always been a sucker for award shows. All my favorite celebrities in one place dressed in outrageous—and outrageously expensive—Chanel suits and Dior haute couture gowns, giving photo shoots, interviews, speeches, and performances? Yes please. I was especially invested in the Oscars this year because with a few friends I had tried (unsuccessfully) to […]

Whispers of Grace in the Violence of Parasite

Spoilers ahead. If you have not seen Parasite — go watch the film first! As we entered the 2020 awards season, Bong Joon-Ho’s 2019 international dark comedy Parasite took the world by storm. To the director’s own surprise, Parasite snagged not just the Oscars’ Best Picture award but three awards in addition to that — Best […]

What We’re Watching and Listening To: February Edition

Sarah Condon Dracula. This version (BBC/Netflix) takes a wildly beautiful twist where Professor Abraham Van Helsing is replaced by Sister Agatha Van Helsing. It is totally engaging and utterly rapturous. In other words, this is Fleabag season 3. Miss Americana. Hear me when I say: I’ve always been a little suspicious of Taylor Swift. Hear […]

1917 and the Ruin of Beautiful Things

This one comes to us from Jeb Ralston. We do not seek peace in order to be at war, but we go to war that we may have peace. – Augustine 1917 is a brutal and beautiful film. The shots of falling cherry-blossoms complemented by the terrific lighting contrast scenes of corpses integrated seamlessly into the […]

PZ’s Podcast: Indiana Wants Me, Down Down, Disco Inferno, World Contact Day, Lobo in Taiwan, and Pre-Code

EPISODE 291: Indiana Wants Me The secret that explains life — I say “secret” because it’s an open but denied truth, known most directly in popular music but suppressed in most “narratives” and conceptual systems — is the aspiration for a connection of love with another human being. This aspiration transcends politics and affinities, affiliations […]

The Sisyphean Rhythm of “Strange Negotiations”

This review was written by Kurt Armstrong. Let’s start at the end: David Bazan, the subject of Brandon Vedder’s film Strange Negotiations, loads guitars and amps into the back of his van, gets behind the wheel, and backs away from his house. Back on the road to play a new string of shows, leaving behind […]

On “1917” and the Sacrifice of Life

By now you have more than likely heard about this flick called 1917. It is a World War I epic directed by Sam Mendes which tells the historical-fiction tale of two British soldiers, charged with carrying an urgent message across enemy lines in order to stave off an imminent attack that would otherwise end up […]