New Here?

When the New Normal is What’s Killing You

Your Day-to-Day Life is One of the Slyest Ways to Lose Sight of What Matters.

Glory Days: Longing for the Good Times

We Want Life Without Death. Control is a Drug, and We are all Hooked.

The Devil We Know

“Jesus, Full of the Holy Spirit, … was Led by the Spirit in the Wilderness”

He Showed Up In Boots: Garth Brooks is a Fool for Christ

Perhaps Because of the Shock of the Moment, It Seemed Perfectly Right

Technologies, Ancient and Modern

“He Prays to It and Says, ‘Save Me, for You are My God!’”

The Gift of Life: Suffering, Worth, and the Self

We often Intuit that It Isn’t Our Faith but Our Very Selfhood that is Under Assault

Wrestling with Scripture (and God)

Struggling with a Given Text, Whether Scripture or Literature, is Critical to Receiving a Blessing from It

Storming the Capitol in the Name of Jesus

If It Was a Revolution the Crowd was Looking for, Jesus Would Have No Part In It

Demanding a Miracle in 2021

“Alone, Alone, About a Dreadful Wood / Of Conscious Evil Runs a Lost Mankind”

In the Shadow of Two Tyrants

On Herod, Pilate, and the Prince of Peace

Hey John! Why are You Baptizing Us?

John Was a Puzzle, and Officialdom Wanted to Know More about Him.

Mary Didn’t Know

The Mother of God fears her baby boy is crazy.