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What a Teen Soap Opera Taught Me About the Meritocracy

College has Become so Important to our Culture Because it Promises the Best Shot at Controlling What is Specifically Uncontrollable: the Future.

Fasting Through Lent, From Robert Farrar Capon

Supposedly, We’re Saved on the Basis of Grace and Forgiveness, not Merit. What’s the Good of Encouraging Ourselves to Think We Can Pile up a Whole lot of Brownie Points by Fasting?

A Year of Lent (and Counting)

The Pandemic Has Denied Us What We Most Want: Life with Others.

Without Fear: Life According to Jameson Whiskey

There is no good news in fear. There is no love in fear. In fact, it’s been said that perfect love drives out fear.

Fantasizing a Better Life

On Living in the Moment and Realistic Hope for the Future

Finding Quiet After the Marathon

“If We Do Not Make Time for Grief, It Will Not Simply Disappear. Grief is Stubborn.”

Law and Gospel in Youth Ministry

So grateful to Rooted for inviting me to give this presentation back in August, which went public today. Hopefully the content applies beyond any specific age group!


When Majesty Stooped: Princess Diana and the Incarnation

On the English Royal Symbol of What Christ’s Life Meant to People and for the World

A New Years Blend of Grief + Joy

Because Nothing Could Be Worse Than This Year, Right?

The Queen of Yoga and the Goodness of God

Goodness is an Extraordinarily Versatile Word

Jesus is Your “White Christmas”

Against a Sure Winter / The Wise Trees / Stand Sleeping in the Cold

Simply Having a Mockingbird Christmas Time

Some of the Christmas-Themed Highlights from Past Years on the Site