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Juliette is a pastor's wife, mom of three kids, musician, and observer of the absurd, silly, deep, and meaningful jewels that God reveals each day.

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    Pentecost Plans (near Minneapolis)

    A couple of weeks ago (which now feels like years ago), my husband Ryan contemplated the familiar yet still mysterious story in Acts 2 and tried to prepare his Pentecost sermon. He was also working to coordinate with the other pastor of our Oromo brothers and sisters from Ethiopia who meet in the church building weekly. […]

    When You Live in Hawaii, You’re Not Allowed to Complain

    Conflict in Paradise

    Upside-Down Kingdom

    A Kingdom for the Poor, the Young, the Weak, and the Lowly

    Love Sees All

    As Much as Netflix Wishes Otherwise, Love is Definitely Not Blind

    To the Ends of the House

    On Going Where We’re Staying

    What Did You Give Up for Lent? Everything.

    Where is God in the Midst of Our Unwilling and Unplanned Sacrifices?

    If You Sat in Front of Me at Church, I Apologize

    Kids in Church, Am I Right?

    Shining in God’s Eyes

    Recently a major event occurred which gained the attention of the whole world. Not you, Hollywood! Not everything is about you! I’m referring to the 6th annual “Night to Shine” event, a prom night experience for people with special needs. It is put on by the Tim Tebow Foundation, and this year it was hosted […]

    Vacations, Adventures, and Restless Hearts

    As I am writing this, I am back on my break. You know, the one where the kids are at school and the house is peaceful and quiet. My family and I had a blessed Christmas and New Year, but I have to admit (with some feelings of guilt) that I consider the breaks from […]

    From Mary’s Womb

    My son was being showered with attention and shouts of “Happy Birthday!” when another mom leaned over to me and quietly said, “Happy Giving-Birth-Day to you!” And I thought, “Yeah! Why is he getting all of the attention? I’m the one who went through childbirth!” Soon of course that attitude passed, and I continued celebrating […]

    Therapy Time with Davie504

    If you are not familiar with famous YouTuber Davie504, just ask one of the youth in your life and chances are they will know who you’re talking about. Davie504 is the smartest bass player in the world. Although the bass is not an instrument that gets a lot of attention, somehow Davie504 has created a […]

    Shared Story 4

    I had the privilege this past week of attending a field trip with my son’s third grade class. It was held at a place called Feed My Starving Children, a non-profit organization that sends food to places around the world where children and families desperately need nourishment. We helped assemble, seal, and box the bags […]