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Kate is recovering from a former life as a modern day Pharisee and enjoys resting carelessly and wastefully in God's grace. She can be found traveling the world (who knows where she'll end up next!) seeking the upside-down Kingdom everywhere she goes. Find more of her writing her blog, Culturavore.

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    Though My Teeth Fail Me, Still My Heart Trusts in You

    I’ve never met anyone who likes going to the dentist, but I know for a fact that, for other people, it’s a much more pleasant experience than it is for me. Going to the dentist as a kid used to be exciting — it felt very grown-up to sit in the chair with your bib […]

    Home in Time for Dinner

    The other day, I went out for a walk around my neighborhood to enjoy the nice weather and get some exercise. Like many of us, my daily walk is one thing keeping me sane and bringing me joy. It’s also been a really good opportunity to meet the neighbors that I always intended on knowing […]

    When Doing Nothing Is What Saves You

    Unprecedented. It’s a word we’ve all heard a lot lately, and a very fitting one to describe the time that we are living through. A global shutdown of this scale has never been seen, and will likely never happen again in our lifetimes; yet as I’ve reflected on this time, I’ve been reminded of another […]

    Wash Your Hands, You Sinners

    I just returned from a five-day trip to the Dominican Republic where I was visiting a missionary who is planting churches in the farthest mountain villages of the country. The trip was an amazing adventure — I spent hours in a pickup truck on a bumpy dirt road, climbed a few mountains, and stayed in […]

    I Am Not a Morning Person

    It’s no secret to basically anyone who knows me that I am not a morning person. No matter how many different schemes or habits or alarm clocks I have tried, I have never successfully established a morning routine. I am 100% a night owl — that’s when I have the most energy and when I […]

    The Flabbiness of Grace; or, How I Found the Gospel at a Pure Barre Class

    On a cold, rainy Sunday afternoon I ventured out of the warmth and safety of my home and headed out with two friends to a new destination. Upon arrival, we were greeted by name-tagged women with perfectly made-up hair and faces, who swiftly presented us with goodie bags, carefully tied with colorful ribbon. We checked […]

    The Brake Fast Club: Low Anthropology in Defensive Driving School

    I wake up early one Saturday morning and drive over to the tiny strip center where my day’s worth of self-imposed detention awaits me. When I walk into the office, a home-makeover show is playing on the tiny TV screen. A stocky man at the front desk asks me if I’ve filled out my paperwork. […]