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When Your Fake Account Is Real

“So Many People, Talking, Mumbling, Murmuring, Muttering, Suggesting, … Pay Attention to Me!”

The Useful Sinner: A Story of Grace in Practice

God’s Chief Agents Have Often Been Notoriously Weak: Murderous Moses, Lying Peter, Adulterous David …

Thank God for Jokes: How Christ Redeems Our Ridicule

“Every Man is Important if He Loses His Life; and Every Man is Funny if He Loses His Hat and has to Run After It”

The Faith That Possesses Nothing (and Everything): Bo Giertz’s Faith Alone

“What Then Would Carry Us to God? What Would Be Able to Make a Bridge Over the Bottomless Abyss?”

What Then? Asking After Suffering and Sorrow with Thornton Wilder

“When a Human Being is Made to Bear More than a Human Being Can Bear, What Then?”

The Top Literature and Culture Books of 2020

Beowulf, Breaking Bread with the Dead, and More!

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The Only Way to Genuine Hope is through Horror

Variations on Beowulf, Feminist and Christian

“Why not Face / the Boss, and at Death Seek / Salves, not Scars?”

Wendell Berry Wants to Shoot a Drone

“I Don’t Think Humans Have any Power over Meaning. Meaning is Given to Us. We Can’t Make Meaning.”

Pirates, Parrots, and Plot Holes of Grace

“That Kid and His Monkey / Were Terrible Thieves. / Why Do They Get to Dance and Sing?”

What Jack Reacher Reaches For

“I Aim to Have More Fun in 60 Years than Anybody Could Have in 100.”

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