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What ParentData Can Teach You (And What It Can’t)

A New Dad Finds a Phd Economist Turned Parenting Guru.

Silencing the Diving Commentators

Tuning Out the Microscopic Evaluation of Performance

What a Teen Soap Opera Taught Me About the Meritocracy

College has Become so Important to our Culture Because it Promises the Best Shot at Controlling What is Specifically Uncontrollable: the Future.

Law and Gospel in Youth Ministry

So grateful to Rooted for inviting me to give this presentation back in August, which went public today. Hopefully the content applies beyond any specific age group!


The Queen of Yoga and the Goodness of God

Goodness is an Extraordinarily Versatile Word

Judge Not: Okay, but Why?

This post comes to us from Adam Neder, the Bruner-Welch Professor of Theology at Whitworth University. He is the author of Theology as a Way of Life: On Teaching and Learning the Christian Faith and Participation in Christ: An Entry Into Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics. Does anyone who cares even a little about the plausibility of Christian witness need to […]

Jesus Christ, I Can’t Even: Millennial Burnout and Campus Ministry

Many of Us, Especially Millennials, Can Feel like Life is One Big To-Do List

From The New Yorker

The Law and the Trespass: Craving What We Never Wanted

On Mundane Forbidden Desires in COVID-19

When the “Cart Narcs” Come for You

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Everyone is a Complete and Total Mess Right Now

12 Steps for the Recovering “Pharisee”

“We Realize that We Detest Mercy”