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When the “Cart Narcs” Come for You

Grateful for this post from Blake Nail:  Anyone who’s been to the grocery store is well aware of the temptation gnawing at you as the cart is emptied into the back of the car and an option is now presented before you. The cart corral is perhaps an aisle over, or maybe the sun has […]

Defund Your Inner Police

*removes earrings, puts hair on top of head* Are y’all ready for some church drama? Last Friday our church put up the weekly newsletter. It was a good one. Having survived Laura here in Houston we were called on to reach out and serve those people battered by the storm. There was even a heart-wrenching […]

12 Steps for the Recovering “Pharisee”

Quoted from the book, Twelve Steps for the Recovering Pharisee (like me): We admit that our single most unmitigated pleasure is to judge other people. Have come to believe that our means of obtaining greatness is to make everyone lower than ourselves in our own mind. Realize that we detest mercy being given to those […]

Freedom to Be … Bored?

Starting around mid-June, people in our St. Louis suburban neighborhood began shooting off fireworks every night (illegality notwithstanding). Both firepower and frequency steadily increased until the climax on Independence Day. Some households had clearly spent hundreds of dollars apiece for the occasion, particularly on the heavy-duty artillery shell fireworks. The action was quite literally non-stop […]

For the Love of Dog

Everyone is getting a dog nowadays. Adoption shelters are virtually empty and those wanting their dog from a breeder are met with long wait-lists or exorbitant prices. If you were on the fence about “man’s best friend” heading into quarantine, then the agony of the last few months pushed you over the edge. The kids […]

The Latest from the Mockingcast: Exploding Heads and Inedible Sandwiches, My Name is Soapbox, and From Minneapolis to Constantinople

Episode 191: Exploding Heads and Inedible Sandwiches In which Dave, RJ, and Sarah talk curated authenticity, shameful beaches, and imputing baseball coaches. Also, Sarah does some Corona math while and Dave weighs the wisdom of a Shakespearean admonition. Oh, don’t miss the surprise at the end. Click here to read Shannon Ashley’s column on Medium, […]

The Gospel According to Hamilton

This piece by Cort Gatliff was originally published in January of 2016. For more from Gatliff (and others) on all things Hamilton, check out the Mockingbird Hamilton guide! My life can be divided into two distinct eras: Before Hamilton and After Hamilton. On October 1, 2015, after months of following the online hysteria and critical […]

Tell Me Exactly What To Do (And I Will Do the Opposite): A Brief History of Advice

“How is it possible to expect that mankind will take advice, when they will not so much as take warning?” – Jonathan Swift I’ll always remember our wedding caterer telling me and my wife that, if we wanted to make sure our reception ran smoothly, we would assign a master of ceremonies. “People like to […]

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