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The Gospel is a Mixtape

“Every Mixtape Tells a Story. Put Them Together, and They Can Add up to the Story of a Life.”

Didn’t Fix Me

The Gospel According to Dawes, a Modern Ecclesiastes for Our Self-Help World

Seeking a Banjo for the End of the World

The Apocalypse was Coming, So We Turned the Music Up.

The Myth of Perfection and Julien Baker’s Little Oblivions

“Good God, / When’re You Gonna Call It Off, / Climb Down Off Of The Cross / And Change Your Mind?”

Musical History as Subversive History?

Assessing Ted Gioia’s Music: A Subversive History. Is History Simply a Power Struggle?

This Will All Make Sense When I Am Older

Why a Song from a Disney Princess Movie Is Probably My Favorite Song of the Pandemic

February Playlist

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Come As You Are to Jesus

“Oh Wanderer Come Home / You’re Not Too Far / Lay Down Your Hurt / Lay Down Your Heart”

Kid Cudi’s Melodic Musings on the Soul

“Keep Movin’ Forward, Keep Movin’ Forward / Ain’t No Stress on Me, Lord, I’m Movin’ Forward”

The Miracle of Great Art (by Bad People)

“Any chance you have for revenge, take it. Never let that pass you by.”

January Playlist

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“The Green Light of Forgiveness” Glimmers at the End of Taylor Swift’s Dock in evermore

This Album Reminds Us that We Can’t Come out of the Darkness Alone