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January Playlist

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“The Green Light of Forgiveness” Glimmers at the End of Taylor Swift’s Dock in evermore

If Taylor Swift didn’t shock you enough in July when she traded in her usual meticulously planned album campaigns for the unceremonious surprise release of folklore, perhaps she managed to this time around with her second surprise release of 2020. On December 10, Swift announced, just as casually as before, that her ninth studio album, […]

Stripping Away Everything but the Gospel: An Advent-Tinged Reflection on Springsteen’s Darkness on the Edge of Town

Look, I get it. We’re all sick of “Advent.” The liturgical season of waiting may have started less than a month ago, but it feels like we’ve all been living it for the past nine months. And yet, in some sense, that’s the point. This dark wintery season is supposed to remind us of how […]

Trading Grace for Insults: The Call of J. Cole

It’s that time of year when I, and likely you as well, look back over the past twelve months and attempt to decide which albums, films, and television series stood out as favorites. One of my favorite albums came out early in January and was the director’s cut version of an album from 2019. I’m […]

Happy Birthday Baby Jesus, 2020 Playlist

And not a moment too soon.😫 Welcome Lord Jesus!

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“Can I Ever Be Forgiven?” On the Radical Unity of Sinners

I live in a northern suburb of St. Louis, MO, a city which has been the per-capita homicide capital of the USA for the last several years. In 2020, the city stands a good chance of breaking its previous record, set in 1993 when its population was larger by about 80,000 people. In the ’90s, […]

Crying in the Car with Megan Thee Stallion

As a married man, as a godly man, and especially as a Gen X-er, I probably shouldn’t entertain the likes of Megan Thee Stallion. However, when I caught the radio edit of Savage the other day, the Law/Gospel theologian in me heard reverberations of redemptive implications inculcated in verses rapped about otherwise frivolous matters. Most […]

Never the Same Twice: Grace and the (Divinely) Inspired World of Jazz

What I would really like to have been, given a perfect world, is a jazz pianist. I mean jazz. I don’t mean rock and roll. I mean the never-the-same-twice music the American black people gave the world. — Kurt Vonnegut For decades, a legendary trumpeter has taught an Improvisational Jazz course at the University of […]

November Playlist

Special thanks to Glenn Black for help with this one. Oh and the kickstarter for the Electric Jesus soundtrack is live — do yourself (and the rest of us) a favor!

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Running to the Altar with Justin Bieber

On Hopelessness and Endless Welcome

Sufjan Stevens’ Season of Hopelessness

“Let the Record Show What I Couldn’t Quite Confess / For by Living for Myself I Was Living for Unrest.”

“Pacing the Cage” Until Joy Breaks In

“Sunset is an Angel Weeping / Holding out a Bloody Sword”