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Doomsday Revelations on “21st of May”

This reflection comes from Ryan Stevenson-Cosgrove. Like a portent from heaven, a few weeks ago, I received a revelation from the Lord! It came in the form of a divinely generated playlist. A celestial suggestion to listen to a Nickel Creek song. Nickel Creek was a band at the forefront of the Americana revival in […]

April Playlist: Quarantine Edition

Spent a little extra time on this one and dug pretty deep for resonant tunes. I hope it’s a comfort. Very, very sad to hear about Adam Schlesinger’s deathI love pretty much everything he did.

You can listen to most of it (with a couple substitutions) on Spotify here.

Life in the Time of Coronavirus: What to Do in Quarantine

With the fate of our world currently resting in the hands of infectious disease expert Mike Pence (just kidding! It’s still in God’s hands), life seems to be hanging by a thread. Or a square of toilet paper, if you will, which is something I just bought a 24-pack of as it was unloaded off […]

March Playlist

If you had told me a year ago that I’d post a playlist with not one but two songs sung by Sammy Hagar, I wouldn’t have believed you. Especially if you’d said one would be about vespas, the other about Christian aliens, and neither would feature Eddie Van Halen. Thankfully for all of us, the Lord had other plans!

Click here to listen on Spotify.

Waiting for the Hammer to Fall in Lent

If you care about Lent, this is a time of dread. No booze or no dessert or no social media. No fun. My own take is that Lent helps us understand Good Friday, which, to me, makes death exquisitely real. An easier way would have been a heavenly rapture of Our Lord and Savior: Divine […]

One Last Wish, “My Better Half,” and a Better Word through Baptism

I thought life should be a chance to defeat statistics… – One Last Wish, “My Better Half” In the aftermath of the dissolution of Rites of Spring, and prior to Fugazi’s iconic inception, Brendan Canty and Guy Piccioto pulled together a unique one-off indie rock project known as One Last Wish. To say the lyrical […]

Anyone Who’s Played a Part

This one comes to us from Ken Wilson. On the road of despair, and only on the road of despair, does one find hope. At least that’s my experience. My life, what is the point? I still ask myself that every day – or rather, I hear the question and variants thereof echoing in my […]

February Playlist

This one serves as an unofficial soundtrack to the Future Issue, as well as a mini-companion to the new episode of The Well of Sound about Allen Toussaint. Oh and you can listen to about three quarters of it on Spotify by clicking here.

The Sisyphean Rhythm of “Strange Negotiations”

This review was written by Kurt Armstrong. Let’s start at the end: David Bazan, the subject of Brandon Vedder’s film Strange Negotiations, loads guitars and amps into the back of his van, gets behind the wheel, and backs away from his house. Back on the road to play a new string of shows, leaving behind […]

Somebody Pray for Me

This one comes to us from Ryan Alvey. Like many people I was drawn to Kanye’s album Jesus Is King. Thanks to Spotify I had instant access, and was also tempted to have an instant take. But albums, good or bad, reveal their fruit over time. So I’ve been listening to it most days for […]

Are We the Romans?

I remember purchasing Botch’s We Are the Romans at Earwax on State Street in Madison in October of 2003, and I remember buying along with it Dying Fetus’ latest record, Stop At Nothing. This was a time in which I not only listened to bands with names like Dying Fetus but also took perverse delight […]

January Playlist

Click here to listen on Spotify.