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    Arcade Fire: The Suburbs

    Win Butler, lead singer of Arcade Fire, does not claim to be Christian. Having been raised Mormon, he would later take theology classes at McGill University in Montreal. Today, he is not a churchgoer but still claims to be a very “spiritual” person. In fact, while discussing the band’s previous album, Win said, “Neon Bible […]

    "Not Afraid" Vs. "Love the Way You Lie": Eminem and the Limits of Pelagianism

    What I’ve never figured out is if everyone hates Eminem, how’d he sell so many records? Somebody must have liked him. So I’ll confess first—I liked him enough to bleach my hair blonde my freshman year of high school (yeah, I’m just that cool.) While never a huge fan of rap, I (secretly) resonated with […]

    Charcoal and Grace: The National’s "High Violet"

    Other than Vampire Weekend’s “Contra” and maybe Spoon’s “Transference” (I have not yet heard The Hold Steady’s latest), not much music of the Pitchfork variety has blown my mind in 2010. In fact, for one who dishes out way too much money on music, if you looked at my credit card bill, I’ve actually saved […]

    Balm For the Soul: Sandra McCracken’s Feast Or Fallow

    “We cannot afford to lose these old hymns, they are full of the Gospel…” Basil Manley (1891) Every December Paste Magazine publishes a list of their top fifty albums of the year. Each year I scan the picks searching for the worthy successors to Led Zeppelin and U2. Needless to say, “I still haven’t found […]