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The Holy Week I Didn't See Coming

The Holy Week I Didn’t See Coming

We Got the Diagnosis on Good Friday. It was Autism.
The Doctrine of Grace <em>vs.</em> the Disposition of Grace

The Doctrine of Grace vs. the Disposition of Grace

The way you hold a position is oftentimes just as important as the position you hold.
Silencing the Diving Commentators

Silencing the Diving Commentators

Tuning Out the Microscopic Evaluation of Performance
Good News For People Who Love Bad News

Good News For People Who Love Bad News

Watching the News While Reading the Bible
Another Week Ends: Last Chances and Good Fridays

Another Week Ends: Last Chances and Good Fridays

The caption above has been running through my head since I first saw it a couple weeks ago. It hits home especially on Good Friday. What have we learned about ourselves this past year that we’d rather forget? Maybe some things we didn’t know last April, or didn’t know in...
Parents Watching Youth Sports

Parents Watching Youth Sports

Showing Love By Showing Up
When Weakness Is What Saves You

When Weakness Is What Saves You

The vaccine rollout has been far from perfect, but its ideals are, well, Christian.
The Snare of YouTube's Slogan: "Broadcast Yourself"

The Snare of YouTube’s Slogan: “Broadcast Yourself”

When Humanity Gets Broadcast, Things Can Get Messy.
The 2021 Mockingbird Festival in Tyler, TX: Pre-Registration Now Open

The 2021 Mockingbird Festival in Tyler, TX: Pre-Registration Now Open

May 6-8th, 2021 - hope you can join us!
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PZ’s April Movie Picks, Part Two

The Manchurian Candidate, My Fair Lady, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and more!

Surprise! Issue 17 is Available for Pre-Order

What is the kingdom of God? Jesus does not speak of a reorganization of society as a political possibility or of the doctrine of salvation as a doctrine. He speaks of what it is like to find a diamond ring that you thought you’d lost forever. He speaks of what it is like to win the Irish Sweepstakes. He suggests rather than spells out. He evokes rather than explains. He catches by surprise.

– Frederick Buechner

The latest issue of The Mockingbird magazine is available for pre-order! Magazines will ship by the end of April.

In this issue, we reflect on surprises of all sorts. We remember the times when our plans were foiled by romance, tragedy, and, yes, a pandemic. We investigate the surprise that Christianity (a religion staked literally on the body of a crucified convict) should exist at all.

Special guest content from Oliver Burkeman, Helena Dea Bala, Leslie Jamison, Liz Tichenor, and C. Kavin Rowe, plus new writing by Sarah Condon, Charlotte Getz, David Zahl, and more. See full contents below!

If you are a current subscriber who has moved, you can email your updated address to! Please and thank you!

Pre-order your copy here, or sign up for a subscription here.

Would You Like Broccoli or Carrots? The Burden of Choices

What if I Don’t Know What’s Best for Me? What if I Am Paralyzed by Decision-Making? What if I Choose Wrong?

Another Week Ends: Property Ownership and Murder Mysteries, Americans Ready to Look Hot, and a Prayer for This Easter Season

1. On a walk last night, I spied a property for sale not far from the place I rent now. What possibly could be the asking price of a house with no renovations, one bathroom, an impractically small kitchen, and “loads of charm”? The answer nearly knocked me out. It was hard not to spend […]

Schedule for Mbird Tyler Festival (5/6-8/2021)!

Very happy to announce the schedule for our event next month in Tyler, TX (May 6-8th!) is now up at! Truly an embarrassment of riches.

As a reminder: this will be our first time live-streaming an event to those who can’t be there in person. If you plan to take advantage of that (free) option, we still ask that you pre-register by selecting one of the virtual tiers.

The Gospel is a Mixtape

“Every Mixtape Tells a Story. Put Them Together, and They Can Add up to the Story of a Life.”

Moved to Faith By Bricks and Stones

Alain de Botton on the (Church) Architecture of Happiness.

The Healing Power of Great Jeans

If My Heart Is Where My Treasure Is, Then My Heart Is In A Drawer Full Of Denim.

Congratulations, You’re Loved Just Because

On the Scandal and the Return of Comedian Chris D’Elia

Where Coach Mosley’s Compassion Comes From

Two updates to Friday’s weekender and the unfolding saga of Netflix’s amazing Last Chance U: Basketball series.

1. If you’re not convinced to take the plunge yet, here’s a clip of Coach John Mosley talking about faith and ministry during a live Q&A this past weekend, in which he and his assistants also predicted the outcome of Monday evening’s NCAA championship game. Genius:

2. If you’ve finished the series, check out this touching update to the Joe Hampton story.

P. S. Couldn’t be more excited to announce that Coach Mosley will be joining us via Zoom for a session at the upcoming Mbird Tyler Festival (May 6-8)!! Be there or be square. Full schedule coming later today.

The Fearfully Uncomfortable Acceptance of Job

“For I Know that My Redeemer Lives, and that at the Last He Will Stand upon the Earth.”

Known Unknowns

Humans Try, Beyond All Understanding, To Understand, To Project, To Justify, To Prove.