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Surviving November

Surviving November

As we come to the close of a particularly vicious election cycle, we bring out of the archives our “Surviving November” series from four years back. Based on Jonathan Haidt’s work, The Righteous Mind, DZ delves into the moral psychology of political strife, and what hope we might be able to...
I Love You Dead: The Good News of Incongruous Grace

I Love You Dead: The Good News of Incongruous Grace

In anticipation of the publication of John Barclay’s book, Paul and the Power of Grace, Part One of our “Defining Grace” series begins with this essay from Jonathan Linebaugh, Lecturer in New Testament at Cambridge University and a fellow of Jesus College. He is the author of the book, God,...
Tim Kreider on the Pleasures and Perils of “Outrage Porn”

Tim Kreider on the Pleasures and Perils of “Outrage Porn”

Imagine if we had chosen the path of retribution and revenge. Our country would have been dust and ashes. – Desmond Tutu, on the end of Apartheid Look, I’m mad too. I’m scared too. I’m anxious and exhausted and finding it hard to be kind too. These are dark days....
What is Grace? Defining the One Word Everyone Needs to Know

What is Grace? Defining the One Word Everyone Needs to Know

If you’re not a Christian, “grace” isn’t one of those words you come across every day. It’s not in advertisements, street signs, on the news, and it’s certainly not on Twitter. It’s a pretty churchy word, really. The typical 5-year-old knows over 2,000 words, but “grace” probably isn’t one of...
Scrubbing Away the Anxiety

Scrubbing Away the Anxiety

Thankful for this post from Jane Grizzle: I think I just needed to find my niche to really become addicted to Internet content. And my niche is cleaning. I get lost down a deep rabbit hole of video after video of power-washing. Just one more video of someone spraying their...
The Local Love of God in a Global Hellstorm

The Local Love of God in a Global Hellstorm

It strikes me that, while the ozone is evidently thinning by the second, the space between earth and heaven seems as opaque as ever. Where is this God who calls us his very own? Where is this God who is apparently in control? By my estimation, society as a whole...
The Personal Is Apocalyptic: When Your World Unravels

The Personal Is Apocalyptic: When Your World Unravels

It’s become commonplace to see our contemporary moment described as apocalyptic or to warn of looming post-apocalyptic threats. But what exactly does “apocalypse” mean? In popular usage “apocalypse” denotes the end of the world. This is right insofar as the event of revelation always means the end of the world...
Introducing <em>Avatar</em>: East Meets West

Introducing Avatar: East Meets West

Here’s an underrated piece of pop culture news worth your consideration. In mid-July of 2020, an anime kid’s show that premiered in 2005 beat the Netflix drama Ozark for the longest tenure on the streaming provider’s Top 10 list. By that same metric, this anime show on Netflix is more...
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PZ’s November Movie Picks, Part One

Mark your calendars! PZ and John Glover have compiled and annotated another list of movies playing on Turner Class Movies this November 2020. Tune in to watch long overlooked movies featuring Christian themes and theology. All times are Eastern, and streaming offerings are noted in parentheses. November 1, midnight and 7:00 am, The Seventh Victim […]

Confessions From Social Media’s Dr. Frankenstein

Netflix’s recent documentary, The Social Dilemma, gathers the voices of psychologists, software engineers, and tech innovators in a collective plea for social media reform. The film’s urge for humanity to reconsider social media habits is nothing new, as the last decade or so has been stuffed to the brim with books, TED Talks, and films […]

“Remembered by Love”: On Isolation and Christian Community

Conservative columnist George Will is famous for combining dry wit with a “get off my lawn” libertarianism. It was thus somewhat out of character when he penned a 2018 column addressing not government overreach or fiscal irresponsibility, but loneliness. Will writes, Loneliness in “epidemic proportions” is producing a “loneliness literature” of sociological and medical findings […]

Another Week Ends: Canceling Christmas, Acceptance Parenting, Emily Dickinson, the Church in 2020, Law and Gospel, and Myside Bias

1. Will COVID cancel Christmas this year? I certainly hope not, but that’s what Giles Fraser asks in his latest at UnHerd. Much about this year’s celebration will undoubtedly be different, if not cancelled; [The Grinch] COVID might steal our banquets, caroling, pageants, and large gatherings, but perhaps this year the pathos and joy of […]

Making Advent Fun Again, with StoryMakers

When we think back on 2020, it’s hard to describe, and it seems like there has been nothing “normal” about it. As parents and churches think about birthday parties, Sunday school, and Christmas activities, it is hard to imagine how Advent could be that “magical” time of year in 2020. Thankfully in God’s mercy over […]

Google’s Search to Know Me: Social Media Algorithms and Being Known by God

I got a Facebook account in 2008. It was before the age of selfies and smartphones, Snapchat and Instagram. Then, it truly was a social network — simply a tool for connecting, and everything was fairly innocuous. I was in eighth grade, and my friends and I posted albums containing way too many pictures of […]

Beholding the Lilies of the Field

No, the above flower is not a lily. But it is a rescue flower. Bought for $5 from the back shed of a garden store, just prior to being put in the mulch pile, a few months ago, this fairly dead hanging plant was at the right price. And after a summer of MiracleGro feeding […]

Fleming Rutledge on God’s Journey to Us

A phenomenal interview with former Mockingbird Conference speaker, Fleming Rutledge, discussing the cross of Christ, procrastination, the powers of Sin, Facebook, and (of course!) God’s irresistible grace. 

From The New Yorker

Running to the Altar with Justin Bieber

This post comes to us from Alexander Sosler: Justin Bieber and Chance the Rapper recently released a single called “Holy.” At first listen, I found my eyes glazing over with another “Jesus and me” love song put out by two well-meaning and sometimes profound popular artists. The refrain goes, “I feel so holy, holy, holy, […]

The God Who Gives First

Ahead of the publication of John Barclay’s book, Paul and the Power of Grace, Part Two of our “Defining Grace” series continues with this essay from Orrey McFarland. Orrey is the Pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Thornville, Ohio. He also serves as a Visiting Professor of New Testament and Historical Theology at Knox Theological […]

Yard Sign Righteousness and the Hope of Ballot-Free Salvation

Take a simple scroll through any social media of choice, and you will see blatant virtue signaling. Or you will see the plea, the call, for users to turn from their sin and to see the light of whichever political candidate or party is being presented. Most of what you’ll see will be mockery of […]