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The Narrow Door of the Cross

The Seculosity of Instagram and the Need for Better Guidance.

In Praise of Blizzards

Maybe That’s Why the Blizzard Remains the Best Natural Disaster of All, Spiritually Speaking

The “Little Apocalypse” of Advent

Exhortation Becomes Proclamation, of How our Lives in Christ are Finally Enough

The Bondage of My Inbox

“Have You ever Considered just Selecting All of the Unread Emails and Marking Them as Read?”

Spiritual Consultants at the Gates of a Great Unraveling

“God is Dead. So is the Office.”

Newly Expanded Paperback Edition of Seculosity Is Out!

Big news: the expanded paperback edition of #Seculosity is now available! This volume is what happens when you ask a record collector to prep a reissue: he insists on remastering and adding a ton of bonus tracks. I’m so grateful to Broadleaf Books for indulging me.

What’s new? I wrote an extra chapter about Fandom/Celebrity/Sports, added a ton of footnotes to the main text, compiled a Discussion Guide, and did a lengthy author Q&A to address various questions I’ve gotten along the way. So it’s about 25% longer and feels a lot more complete to me.

Grab it on Amazon or wherever books are sold.

Anyone looking to read it as part of a group, there are bulk discounts available from my publisher that I’m happy to pass on, just email me at Oh and don’t forget to please please pretty please post a review and/or rating on Amazon — that helps tremendously.

Finally, eternal thanks to Mark Babikow for outdoing himself with yet another amazing trailer.

Newly Expanded Paperback Edition of Seculosity! from Mockingbird on Vimeo.

Scrubbing the Guilt Away: Ramy and the Scales of Righteousness

Ramy Youssef on the Whiplash of Religion and Sex

Workism in a Literal Pandemic


I’m Doing Coronavirus Better Than You

How Coronavirus Revealed Our Relentless Religiosity

A Few Key Takeaways from the Church of Workism (Plus One Gamechanger)

On the Garbage Language and Metaphors We Use

Scorekeeping on Valentine’s Day

Rare is the Romantic Relationship that Doesn’t Keep a Record of Wrongs

A Tennis-Ball-Shaped Anvil (and Other Things That Weigh on Us)

“Advantage, Service, Fault, Break, Love, … Every Match Is a Life in Miniature.”