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New Year, Old Me

Maybe its just me, but after the final Candlelight Christmas service is finished, the last relative has gone home, and all of the gifts have been unwrapped, there I find myself staring the New Year right in her shiny, best-intentioned face. I’m the Ebenezer Scrooge of New Years. I loathe the pressure to make a resolution. Phrases like “goals […]

A Quick Calvin and Hobbes

This one somehow escaped our attention last year when we ran our epic look at all the Calvin and Hobbes’ New Years strips:


From The New Yorker


Calvin and Hobbes Ring in the New Year

This Will (Hopefully) Be Our Year: Top Four New Year’s Songs

Lest all the anti-New-Years-resolutions sentiment come across as pure party-poopery, I give you four songs in keeping with the holiday, two of which are downright joyful: 1. The best of all-time, without question – sorry, Bono – is The Zombies’ “This Will Be Our Year”, covered here by The Avett Brothers: 2. I didn’t think […]

Another Week Ends: Temptation, How To Read The Bible, Trekkies 2, The Invention Of Lying

1. The results of a recent study posted earlier this week on, “Research Shows Temptation More Powerful Than Individuals Realize” (ht Jeff Dean). Reads almost like some kind of Onion/Mockingbird hybrid, the key quote being: “People are not good at anticipating the power of their urges, and those who are the most confident about […]

How To Wreck Your Career

Earlier this month, the Japanese Finance Minister, Shoichi Nakagawa, appeared at a press conference during the G-7 summit in Rome. He was wasted. Hammered. Three sheets to the wind. Plastered. Drunk as a skunk. I mean, wasn’t even able to come close to acting even remotely sober. Worse than Joaquin Phoenix on Letterman. Watch the […]

The Theology of Suffering, Part I: Whoa, boy…

I was sitting at home the other day, minding my own business, when I received an e-mail about a recent New Yorker article called “Holiday in Hellmouth: God May Be Dead, But The Question Of Why He Permits Suffering Lives On”. Catchy title. After clicking on the link, I was disheartened to discover a long, […]

Year In Music

I have never been able to resist the pull of year-end lists. I look forward to them, well, all year. Eight Favorite Albums That Came Out in 20071. Arcade Fire – Neon Bible. Apocalyptic rock gets me every time.2. Jarvis Cocker – Jarvis. For the Romans 7 moment of the year, see “I Will Kill […]