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Charlotte Getz is a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom. She is the Editor-in-Chief at Rooted Ministry and an un-trained but making-it-work mother to Ford (4) and Margot (3). She and her sweet family currently reside in Long Beach, CA via Auburn, AL via Savannah, GA via Birmingham, AL. Charlotte is the co-author (along with Stephanie Phillips) of Unmapped: The (Mostly) True Story of How Two Women Found Their Way Home While Lost at Sea. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @charlottebgetz

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    The Local Love of God in a Global Hellstorm

    It strikes me that, while the ozone is evidently thinning by the second, the space between earth and heaven seems as opaque as ever. Where is this God who calls us his very own? Where is this God who is apparently in control? By my estimation, society as a whole has devolved into something like […]

    My Sober Mid-Thirties and the Etymology of Nothing

    If you’d asked me as a teenager what my life would look like by my mid-thirties, I would have painted the most thrilling picture. There would be spotlights, awards shows, dreamy husbands, kids if I felt like it, adventure, and minutes and days just bursting with outrageous abundance. Let me acknowledge what you pseudo-psychology nerds […]

    Notes on Beauty

    I am getting older. If you believe in science, which I do, then I guess we’re all getting older. The aging process for me has been underway for 35 years now, but I’ve only really become aware of it recently. My hands are starting to look like my mom’s. Things that were once firm and […]

    Swimming with Killer Whales, and Cars that Go Up, Up, Up

    It is a scientific fact that there exists a space in the human gut that functions purely to process stories. We’ll call it the Story Organ. You hear a particular story and at once there begins this churning and grinding, like one of those plastic rock polishers you get from the nerd stores. Said Organ […]

    I Have No Gift to Bring: Me and the Little Drummer Boy

    Ever since I can remember, “The Little Drummer Boy” has been a Christmas favorite. When I was a kid, the fantasy of a cute boy drumming for Jesus made my pre-teen heart go rum-pum-pum-pum. I’ve always had a thing for musicians and he was just the sort of heartthrob Tiger Beat would have covered and […]

    Many Good Things Start With a Grave

    It seems like just about everyone I know right now is either grieving, infertile, or both. As a country and a global community, we’ve also had a lot of bad news. Our hurricanes are getting worse. There’s abuse. Addiction. “Politics” (I’ll let you unpack that one, reader). There’s prejudice. International affairs. Extramarital affairs. A TV […]

    Wait for It: The Surprising Perks of Suspense

    Waiting, of any kind, is generally just stupid. We can all agree on this. We are on the same page here: I don’t like waiting, you don’t like waiting, nobody likes to wait. We want what we want, and we want it yesterday. Veruca Salt got this (“give it to me noooow”), and so did […]

    Feeling Pretty, Feeling Loved

    Most of the time, I do not feel anything close to “pretty.” On some rare days, I feel like a bombshell the likes of Margot Robbie or Lauryn Hill. But most days, I feel a little ashamed when I look in the mirror. My eyes are too puffy. The skin under my chin is starting […]

    Shell of a Woman

    My husband and I met in Savannah, Georgia and lived there for six eventful years. Every summer in Savannah — steaming wet with humidity — the cicadas descended en masse, a plague to the Coastal Empire. They hummed like maracas this familiar refrain that still reminds me of impossibly late nights, warm beer, and the […]

    A Woman vs. Her Roomba: The Battle for Biblical Femininity

    Several months ago, my husband Alex made a peculiar suggestion for his approaching birthday: he wanted a Roomba. The notion was mildly annoying to me at the time (I wasn’t sure why), but I chose to brush it off as a disturbing lack of imagination on Alex’s part. You want a vacuum for your birthday? […]

    Mixtapes from Anyone Who is Not Your Husband: Sounds of Earth and Heaven

    There are facts about my story that will never change this side of heaven, barring total tragedy in some cases. And forgive me for saying so, but while the permanence of many things in this life is blessed, that same permanence can also be awful. FACT: I will always have my two children. Praise Jesus, […]

    It Was Not — Never Will Be — A Silent Night

    Around this time last year, I tried explaining to my mom why I was so exhausted (aside from the obvious child-rearing and work responsibilities). There had been countless weddings that year, bachelorette parties, bachelor parties, girls’ trips, family trips, work trips, and conferences galore. What’s more we live in California – and our people are […]