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Good News on a Bad Day: Reflections on Getting Covid, One Year Later

I Was One of the First to Get Sick. Instead of Doubting God’s Goodness, I was utterly Overcome by Him.

The Local Love of God in a Global Hellstorm

“It May Look Like I’m Surrounded, But I’m Surrounded by You.”

In the Name of Self-Preservation and the Greater Good

Even When it is Understandable, it Still Feels Oppressive

Watching Alone Together: What a Survival Show Taught Me About Quarantine

Commiseration is often the Gateway to Compassion

No, Not That Cancel Culture

On the Postponements and Scratches of COVID-19

Please Scream Inside Your Heart

Acknowledging Our Pain and Connecting with Fellow Sufferers, Including Jesus

When the Romans Got Infected

Piety and Anxiety in the “Antonine Plague” (AD 165-182)

Blame and Denial from Lisbon to Florida: The Solid Ground of Christian Hope

“The wise deceived me; God alone has reason.”

Another Week Ends: Cognitive Dissonance, Habit Formation, Transparent Influencers, Aging Album Covers, and a Love That Casts Out All Fear

1a. It’s been a big week for the social scientists among us. Two of our favorites, Elliot Aronson and Carol Tavris, had a hit article over at the Atlantic this week. We’ve been following the duo since 2011, when they published Mistakes Were Made (But Not By Me). The authors are experts in describing how […]

Another Week Ends: Jim Carrey’s Revelation, COVID Judgment, a New PZ Interview, Political Idolatry, the Curated Authenticity of Rachel Hollis, and the Great Awokening in Fiction

1. If you’ve ever seen an interview with Jim Carrey, you quickly realize that he is incredibly weird and awkwardly introspective. At times he seems to either be the lunatic of The Mask or a shaman-mystic, or both at the same time. Carrey is always fascinating, and judging from this LA Times article, his upcoming […]

Sticking Our Necks Out: Judgement in the Age of COVID Phases

Confessing Quarantine Sins and Looking to Hope beyond Sanitation

Bottoming Out on Prediction Addiction

The Illusion of Control: It Could be This Way Or That Way